10 Practical Gifts for Indian Newlyweds Moving to a New Home

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For every wedding, I wanted to buy something unique as a gift for the newly-weds. Something useful and practical, that newly-weds would appreciate when they move together to their new home. But the problem is, every time I start planning, my list of gift ideas goes either barren or overwhelmingly fertile! Finally, this one time, I have put lot of thoughts to come up with a list of 10 gifts that I would stick for every Indian wedding from now on. Now, every time I go through this list, I am able to find a proper gift for the newly-weds. I am sure every newly married couple would be delighted to see a gift from the following list.

Bed SheetsBed Sheets: For some reason, lot of people restrain from giving bed sheets as wedding gifts. Well, I do not see any reason why you should not present bed sheets to a newly-wed couple. Trust me; they will appreciate this gift, just like any other gift, or probably even more. But, we are not talking about just plain normal bed sheets here. We are talking about high thread-count bed sheets, with some dashing embroidery work to go with it. Don’t be too much bothered about the colour, just get the size right and that’s it! Wrap it and gift it!

Indian Recipe BooksIndian Recipe Books: A quality cookbook can come handy for a newly married couple in many ways. Buy a cookbook, not anyone with some random recipes inside, but one with recipes and simple tips for efficient cooking. Tips like what to do if you ‘oversalt’ a recipe or if you add too much vinegar. So, find one such book out there in the bookstores and buy it for the newly-weds as a special Indian wedding gift. Let them have a ‘tasty’ relationship!

Cookware & OvensCookware & Ovens: This always had to be in my list of ten gifts for a wedding. The fact that they are traditional gifts, in addition to being practical gifts, was enough for me to put cookware to my list of top gifts. If you to want to buy some cookware for newly married, buy a pressure cooker or some non-stick cookware, which come in sets, and give it to the newly-weds. You can try cookware from brands like Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon etc, which are among the top brands in India. If you have some extra money to spare, think about Microwave Ovens too. It can also make useful gifts for newly-weds.

TablewareTableware: Gifting tableware is almost like a tradition these days. There is literally no wedding without tableware gifts! If you too decide to buy one, you will not find yourself lacking in options. Buy some tableware from world-class brands like Villeroy & Boch, Dansk etc. or those made of porcelain, bone china etc. and gift the newly-wed! You can also try some collectible tableware like those made of melmac. My advice, buy any tableware, except those made of plastic!

CutleryCutlery: Cutlery is always on the list of wedding gifts-to-buy, aren’t they? But, not always it make it to the final cut. What people do not understand is that you can go ‘cheap’ with these cutlery sets and save some considerable money. If the newly-wed is not a professional cook, you can go for some less expensive cutlery sets. I mean, they may not know the difference between a boning knife and bread knife! Frankly, they may not even care! So, you can buy a not-so-expensive cutlery as a gift for any newly married couple. The bridegroom will be happy, you will be happy and your accountant will be happy!

GlasswareGlassware: Every kitchen needs some glassware, just to look mature and classy. That is just one reason why a newly married couple will always appreciate glassware gifts. Usually, these glassware come in 7, 16, 24 piece sets, along with a glass pitcher. So, next time, buy some elegant wine glass or cocktail glass sets for the newly-weds. William Sonoma, La Opala etc. are some brands we could suggest for you.


Table ClothsTable Cloths: Table cloths or table linens are something else you can try as a wedding gift. Of course, there are different types of table clothes, but those made of natural fibers might prove to be a better choice because they shout luxury and feel good on the dining table. These table linens come in packs of two, three, five etc. We suggest you to choose the pack of three or five. But, be flexible depending on the pressure on your pocket.


Ganesh IdolReligious Idols: A wedding gift is just another way of wishing all the luck in the world for the newly-weds, right? If it is, I cannot think of another gift that is more appropriate for the occasion than religious idols! They represent divinity, purity and endless love. Therefore, buy an idol or poster of Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ or Mother Mary, and give it to the newly married couple, along with your endless blessings. 


Digital Photo FramesDigital Photo Frames: You might already know about digital photo frames that play video, mp3 and photo slideshows. These digital photo frames are always a great choice for wedding gifts. They will be perfect additions to their home. If you are a close relative of the bridegroom, here is something you can try. Take some classy shots of the wedding with your own camera, put the data card into a digital photo frame and sneak it into the bundle of wedding gifts. If you can get this done, it sure is going to surprise the newly-weds.

Introducing Radha to Krishna Raja Ravi Varma

Romantic Art Prints: Romantic gifts had to come somewhere in the list, right? So, here is it, art prints! Art prints are not only affordable for anyone, but also among the top wish list of many newly married couples. Any newly-wed couple would love to receive a framed art print or a hand-drawn portrait as a wedding gift, just because they last for a long time, reminding them of that beautiful day, and because they bring in an added eloquence to the entire home.

So, there you have it, the list of 10 useful gifts for any Indian wedding. Now, buying gifts for weddings seem quite easy for me; I just choose one from this list of ten. So, which one are you going to buy next time?

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