10 Timeless Gifts to Win Over Your Recipient

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Have you ever wondered if there are any gifts that will defy the test of time? Gifts you can buy on any occasion, without worrying about whether the gifee will like your gift or not. The answer is, yes, there are.

You can buy these gifts on birthdays, on Christmas or as wedding gifts. You can even gift these gifts just for the joy of gifting.

Let us look at some of the timeless gifts you can buy this season to win over your recipient.

A Watch or a Clock


When you are talking about timeless gifts, it does not get any better than watches. This is one gift your friends or relatives would hardly say ‘no’ to. Would you say ‘no’ to a watch? I don’t think so.

But why watch? It’s because a watch represents success. It represents love. It represents care. You can gift a beautiful wristwatch to your loved one on his or her birthday. When it comes to occasions like housewarming, a clock too can make a good gift. In short, watch is a gift you can give on any occasion and a gift no recipient can resist. This is exactly why they call watches ‘timeless gifts’.

An Art Painting

Breaking Dawn Paintings

You must have heard the famous quote about art paintings that goes like,

“Painting is about three things. It’s about revelation, communication, and celebration.”

These are the three qualities you look to find in every gift, right? And now, you have all three of them, capsuled into one simple art painting. What a cliché. And you know what, finding an art print for any occasion is a piece of cake. Since these art prints are pretty much in the ‘affordable’ stack of gifts, anyone can buy these gifts. And the fact that these art prints last for an eternity, makes them a truly ‘timeless gift’.

A Religious Idol

Ganesh Idol

Does the gifting occasion call for a bit of religious act? Is the giftee more of a strong religious believer? In that case, you should look for gifts that stand as close as possible to religion.

Yes, we are talking about religious idols. Idols of Lord Laxmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna etc have always been popular gifts among Hindus. The mere presence of Lord Laxmi is believed to bring financial security to the family, while Lord Ganesh removes any obstructions in life and Lord Krishna provides protection to the whole family.

Believers of Christianity also embrace the thought of gifting idols as they gift idols of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary etc on different occasions. These gifts are considered not only ‘timeless’, but also auspicious.


Jewellery Box

The love for jewelry in our country is always fresh as a daisy! People just love jewelries, especially the ones made from the ductile yellow metal, gold. On occasions like wedding, gold rules the pack of gifts. On occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, you can present your loved one with some simple gold or silver jewelry.

However, this doesn’t mean you need a reason or an occasion to gift jewelry. One fine morning, you can surprise your loved one by gifting a beautiful jewelry. It sure is going to bring a big smile on her face. Wouldn’t it bring a big smile on your face?



Some of you might be searching for gifts that are less expensive, yet sweet and well accepted. Perfumes and colognes definitely fall into this category. It is a perfect gift to celebrate a calm and quiet birthday or anniversary. It can also make a good thank you gift.

Now, the question of why something like perfume is considered as an ideal gift. Here are your reasons. First of all, you can never have too many options when it comes to fragrance. Secondly, it is easy to pick. The third reason, perfumes make a great romantic gift. Guess that is a lot of reasons to call perfumes ‘timeless gifts’.

Collectors Set of Books

Books Collectors Set

Do you think buying gifts for someone is a tough ask? Well, try buying gifts for a book lover. It is probably the easiest thing to do. You just have to find his favorite genre of book or favorite author and buy a collector’s book set as the gift.

Usually, books that came out in volumes, like the famous Harry Potter series or the Sherlock Holmes series, are available in box sets. These books can last for a lifetime and you will never get tired of reading these classic books. Well, there you have it. The reason why we call books a ‘timeless gift’.

A Motivational Poster

Motivational Posters

Sometimes, you feel the need of being motivated and inspired. Everybody does. That is why motivational posters have always been a popular gift choice.

If you feel like someone is feeling all dejected and mopey, buy them a motivational poster. You can buy a poster with famous words by some famous people or words that will make him feel better.

A gift like this might seem simple and so little. But, the striking words on this ‘simple gift’ can turn one’s life upside-down for good. Since the idea of motivation never gets old, these motivational posters also find their place in the list of ‘timeless gifts’.

Collectors Set of Music CDs

Music CDs

Like art paintings and books, music is something else that never dies. Once it is created, it lives on as long as the stars keep shining above our head. Do you need any other reason to call music ‘timeless gifts’?

For a person who loves music, a collection of music tracks by his or her favorite musician is going to be an unforgettable gift. It’s romantic. It shows you know the likes and dislikes of the giftee and it shows you are making an effort to keep the relationship rolling.

A Photo Album with Photos

Photo Album

Everybody likes to travel down the memory lane once in a while, right? Therefore, it is never a bad idea to buy a gift that will take them down that lane.

In that case, can you think of any better gift than a photo album? Buy a photo album, fill it with photographs that will take the recipient for a ride down the past and gift him. This might not be the oldest idea in the book, but the truth is, it never gets old! And this is why it finds its place in the list of ‘timeless gifts’.

An Experience

An Holiday Experience

Imagine someone gave you a box set of James Bond movies as a gift and someone else decided to take you out for a movie in the cinemas. Which one is going to stay longer in your memory? It is definitely going to be the experience of watching movies with someone you care.

That’s another reason why they say experience gifts are timeless. You can gift these experiences on any time of the year, without caring what the occasion is or who the recipient is. No one will turn his or her back on an experience gift. Everyone knows that this gift really counts.

The one quality of a good gift giver is that he mixes things up. You do not always gift the same thing over and over again. It is important to keep the surprise element intact with every gift. You can always try any one of the 10 ‘timeless gifts’ we discussed above for different occasions. But, make sure you mix things up a little bit. After all, you do not want to be predictable!

Which one of these timeless gifts would you like to try next time? Do you have any other idea of a timeless gift? Have you ever received any one of these gifts we talked about here? Share your experiences in the comments.

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