10 Types of Friends and the Types of Gifts for Them

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Friends on Friendship DayA few days back, I was talking to a friend on the phone and after the usual chit chat, she started talking about friendship day. She was conversing about buying gifts for her friends.

At first, I thought, she was confused about what to buy for her friends. Then later, as the conversation kept going, I could learn that she wanted to buy different gifts for each of her friends.

She said, ‘I am actually confused about what to gift. I mean, I don’t want to buy the same damn gift for everyone; that’s so tacky!

Then, she asked my opinion. All I could say was ‘keep reading the blog!’ “I’m going to write a post about this. Hopefully, you will have a solution.”

So, here is it, not just for her, but for every confused friends out there, a list of different types of friends and gifts you can give them on this friendship day.

Types of Friends and Gifts for Them

1. The ‘Best’ Man/Woman: Well, this is the gold standard of friendship, doesn’t get better than ‘best friend’ tag! You too have a best friend in your life, right? He or she is someone who always talks and listens to you, someone who sets out to solve your horrid problems and someone who never gives up on you. They are the sweetest addition to your life, but unfortunately, they are too rare to find.

Now, you know whom we are talking about, Right? Yes, that’s him! Now, what gift would you buy for this ‘Best Friend’ of yours? Well, I say, something personalized. Like a simple photo calendar with photos from your past ‘adventures’. You won’t find anything better than these personalized gifts for the sweetest addition in your life.

Best Friends2. The ‘Nuevo Amigo’: Some of you might be new to a college, office, or a town. In the two or three months you have been around, you managed to make some new friends. Hooray! But, with these new friends, you are not exactly who you are, at least until you go out with them for a couple of outings. How do I know? Well, I too make new friends!

The problem with buying gifts for a new friend is that you know only the bits and pieces of his interests. You know he loves music, but doesn’t know if it’s country, rap or blue. But, personalized gifts are still a possibility, surprisingly! Buy a gift that will remind him or her of the way or place you two met. That would make a good gift! Don’t you think?

3. The ‘Dormant’ Friend: All of us have friends, who we haven’t seen or heard from in a while, don’t we? One day, you find their phone number or email address and decide to write to him/her. And suddenly, you plan to meet up on a Sunday afternoon. But then, you think about surprising your ‘dormant friend’ here, with some exciting gifts. What would be a good choice?

Here is an exciting idea for you. Call another friend, who used to be close friend of you and this ‘dormant’ friend and invite him to the meet up. But before introducing your ‘surprise gift’, bring back the old memories and good times you three shared in the good old days. Now, that is going to be one surprising gift!

Close Friends4. The Short-Notice Stag: There are friends in your life, who you can call anytime, even at the middle of night, and ask, ‘hey, can you come pick me up from the bus station?’ And you always get the same answer, ‘here I come!’ They do not need a 30-day notice period before you change plans; they are just up for it, all the time. They may not be your best friend, but you always love being around them.

Now, the question is, what would you buy for such a helpful friend. Well, think about something more practical than personal. Buy something that will be useful for this friend, like mobile phones, camera etc. This is the least you can do to thank him!

5. The Honest Honey: Do you have any friend who is really honest? Well, sometimes too much honest: I mean, painfully honest! But yes, he tells me things what I need to hear, not I want to hear. You too have one such friend, I know: one who doesn’t sugarcoat their words. When it comes to buying gifts for them, it can be a real pain in the neck! You might have the faintest of ideas about their likes and dislikes! Here is a way to fight your way out of the ordeal.

One gift you can buy for this honest friend is printed coffee mugs, key chains, blankets, towels etc, with some personalized message. Write something by your own, thanking him/her for being the painfully honest friend he/she is, and get it printed on a mug, towel etc. It will make a great gift for someone who cares about you, like this ‘painfully honest friend’ over here.

6. The Wild Macho Man: There is at least one guy in your friends circle, who is a bit wild: the fun kind of wild, of course. These friends will inspire you to follow their path of extreme wildness. But, you know what, everybody needs one such friend in your life: sometimes to get you into trouble and sometimes to get you out of the ‘shark circle!

When it comes to the question of ‘what to gift these wild friends’, the answer seems to be quite simple. Pick some wild and interesting gifts for your friend. Like a simple camera lens coffee mug or a beer-belt! It is going to be a fun and useful gift for this off-base friend.

Friends7. Hunky-dory Bloke: We are talking about the one who is the envoy of trends, the one who always keeps up with what is in vogue; the coolest guy in the group. There is definitely one such friend in your life, at least one! You always like to be around these ‘cool friends’, because they are the ‘stars’ of coolness. These friends expose you to new styles and trends, which, otherwise, would have easily passed you by.

Talking about the gifts you should buy for these friends; buy gifts that are trendy and stylish, as your cool friend. Some new and cool gadgets, stylish accessories, like watches, etc. will make good gifts for your cool friends.

8. The Diligent Soul: This friend of yours’ never gets the time to sit down and relax. He gets barely six hours of sleep every night and the work always keeps him on the edge. Yet, he finds time for friends and small get-togethers. Everybody has one such friend, the busy kind.

When you buy gifts for these ‘busy guys’, it might help if you make the gift a bit thoughtful or caring. Choose a gift that will help him relax a bit during his busy schedule. Something he can always carry around with him. A nice pair of headphones for enjoying music or a portable music player along with a mix CD could be a good choice for this busy friend.

9. The Creepy Crony: Some friends never fail to pull you out of your comfort zone. Not just ‘pull you out, but drag you out of the zone and will still keep dragging you further. Around them, you can never be normal. They might be scary as hell, but these friends will help you out of the toughest of gridlocks, even out of a murder, if they have to!

So, what would you possibly give these ‘scary friends’ as gift? Well, try a scary prank for a gift; something scary, yet funny. Let this be your chance to be the scary guy! If you are thinking of something more subtle, try something cool like a gadget or sunglasses for him.

Older Friends10. The Wise Brain: This older friend is usually the wiser guy among your friends. He is the one who gives you all the advice and make you a wiser person. When all your other friends tells you how to open a beer bottle, the wise guy here, will tell you things that will help you shape your career. You hold him in high respect, not just you, your friends too. In short, he is an asset in your friends list.

Finding a gift for this guy is never a big trouble. Just be sure that you choose a gift with ‘substance’, like a book from his favorite author, pen, watches or anything that will be useful for the wise guy. Don’t forget to add a message with the gift, telling how much you appreciate the advice and guidance.

According to some psychology experts, all these kinds of friends are necessary in your life, just to expose you to the diversity that exists in the world. But more than that, these friends are their to make your life sweeter. And by now, you know about the different gifts you can buy for these different types of friends, right? So, start gifting! By the way, which type of friend are you?

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