10 Uncomplicated Gifts That Won’t Break Your Bank

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This morning when I woke up, suddenly had a thought that today is my best friend’s birthday and I have not purchased any gift yet. To add insult to injury, it’s already the month end and I won’t be having enough money left for buying an expensive gift. So what should I do?

You too probably had similar incident sometimes in your life. Worry not dear reader; there is a gift for every budget, just like there is a truth to every joke! Remember, value of the gift is not in its price; but the emotional connection between you and recipient makes a gift special. Even a tiny gift from the closest ones can bring joy to our heart.

Here is a list of ‘tiny’, yet gratifying gifts you can buy for any occasion, for anyone.

Fruit Gift BasketEdibles: Edibles never have the history of breaking a gift-giver’s bank! They always come at affordable and reasonable prices. Buy a gift basket, fill it with edibles such as chocolates, fruits, candy, cookies or even wine bottles, and give it to the recipient. It is very easy and you can try on any occasion. The best part is none can say no to these delicious and appetizing food baskets!

Photo MugsPhoto Gifts: If you are looking for an extremely personalized and affordable gift option, you can go for photo gifts. From photos of the recipient, you can create customized coffee mugs, photo calendars, photo prints and even playing cards. It may appear to be on the upper end of affordable gifts, but are certainly worth the money and the results would be more than impressive.

Flower GiftsFlowers: A simple gift, it may seem; but you can never underestimate the power of flower gifts. You can always gift these simple and charming flowers to anyone you love and care. You can use flower or a bouquet of flowers as birthday gifts or anniversary gifts. You can also gift flowers for no particular reason, just to show your love and appreciation towards someone. Most of all, flowers are affordable for anyone and it will not even tickle your pocket.

Books GiftBooks: Books never die. They live to amaze us. These books have always been, and always is, an affordable option for gifts. If your mom loves cooking, buy her some popular cookbook. If your sister is crazy about reading novels, buy her a newly published novel as a birthday gift. Books with quotes also make a good gift for anyone, since these type of books not only offer good reading experience, but also knowledge, inspiration and awareness. Above all, most of these books stay under the ‘affordability’ bar you have already set with your budget.

USB SpeakersTech Stuff: In today’s world, buying some tech related gift always counts as a practical gift. Don’t say ‘no’ yet, because you will find some cheap and affordable tech-stuff in the market today. Flash drives, speakers that can be connected to mobile phones etc are just some examples of such affordable tech-stuff. Every recipient, especially the young-blood, will love these tech related gifts: yet another way to impress someone, without emptying your bank account.

Everyday JewelleryEveryday Jewellery:No, we are not talking about diamonds, rubies or gold; we are talking about simple and affordable jewellery made of silver, cheap gemstones etc. This kind of jewellery costs just a fraction compared to jewelry made of gold or diamond. You can gift these silver jewellery to your mom, sister or lover on any occasion. They will not complain even if their jewelry box is teeming with jewelry!

Buy Affordable ClothingClothing: Clothing is another great option for those who are looking for affordable gifts this season. You can buy cloths for people of any age: from kids to grandparents. One advantage of buying clothing is that you can always keep things trendy and affordable at the same time. You just have to understand what style, colour and brand of clothing to buy, especially if the recipient is choosy when it comes to fashion.

Solar LanternSimple Home Utility: Today, most gifting occasions see a flood of home décor items like flower vases and photo frames. However, simple home utility products like small bookshelves, simple table lamps, etc are becoming alien to these gifting occasions. So, you can try gifting these small bookshelves, which will fit into any part of the house, table lamps that are solar powered or inverter lamps, which can be used during power failures etc. These practical and affordable home utility gifts have everything to make a good wedding or anniversary gifts.

Boredom Killers: Uno Card GameBoredom Killers:If you are buying a gift for a friend who is bored and idle, try gifting him or her some boredom killer games and activities. For example, gift some simple board games like Monopoly or card games like Uno, Cards Against Humanity etc. Board games and card games like these make a good gift for anyone who is hit by the dark side of boredom.

Gift CardsGift vouchers:Gift vouchers are the ‘last minute escape’ and ‘gifts for any occasion’. Since these gift vouchers come in different price range too, you can buy a gift voucher that agrees with your budget. You can buy a gift voucher to recipient’s favorite restaurant or favorite clothing brand. Rest assured, he or she won’t deny a gift voucher since they get to buy what they want rather than receiving something random from you.

See how easy it is to buy gifts without breaking your bank! It does take a bit of smart shopping, but it is something you can afford to do. Remember, it is not ‘what’ you gift that matters, but whom and how you gift is that matters the most: gift with lots and lots of love!

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