10 Ways You Can Give Personalized Gifts with Photos

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Did you know how easy it is to make a unique and personalized gift for someone if you have his or her photos with you? All you have to do is a little bit of tweaking and tuning with the recipient’s photo and you get something truly personalized.

We are talking about gifts like photo mugs, photo calendars and photo printed t-shirts. Here is a list of such highly personalized photo gifts, which you can gift to anyone and on any occasion.

Funny PhotoFunny Photo Print: To make a funny and personalized photo print, all you have to do is, find a simple photo of the recipient and add some funny tweak to it. Turn him or her into one of the blue Na’vi people, add some funny quotes, dialogues etc. along with the photo or use the photo to make a cartoon like photo print. The choice is all yours, your imagination is the limit!

personalized photo calendarsPhoto Calendar: Make a personalized photo calendar for the giftee! All you need is a dozen photos of the recipient, one for each month. Assign each of these photographs to each month and create the calendar, all by yourself. If you have an extra photograph, use it to make the calendar cover. You can also add quotes and messages along with each photo or month. Isn’t this a perfectly personalized photo gift?

Photo MugsPhoto Mugs: Photo Mugs are probably the most common and popular personalized photo gifts of all. You just have to bring a photo of the recipient to one of those photo-printing companies and choose the mug you want the photo to be printed on. You can either print the photo as a single picture on the mug or print multiple copies of the same photo as tiles. You can also make collages on the mug. The diverse customization options are what probably make photo mugs a popular choice for gifts.

Photo Playing CardsPhoto Playing Cards: Does your recipient love playing cards? Then personalized photo playing cards are an ideal gift for her. Customize a regular deck of playing cards with a photo of the recipient. Either you can use one single photo printed on all playing you can choose different photos for different cards in the deck. We recommend using a single photo for the entire deck of cards, just to ensure a fair game!

Photo KeychainsPhoto Key Chains: Here is another personalized photo gift option, this time with the help of simple key chain tags! Buy a simple key chain and on its tag, get the recipient’s photo printed. Make a dozen of such personalized key chains and gift the recipient. This gift is not only personalized, but also practical and useful.

Photo T-ShirtsPhoto Printed T-Shirts: When we are talking about personalized photo gifts, there is no way we can leave photo printed tees out from the listing. As always, you can print either a single photo to make a collage of more photos on the t-shirt. If you can add some wordings to go with the photos, it will make the photo printed t-shirt gift more interesting.

Canvas Photo PrintCanvas Photo Print: Today, everyone is busy clicking photos or ‘freezing their memories’. But, the interesting part is, nine out of ten times, these photos doesn’t really make it out of the camera or phone or, maybe, the computer. So, be different here, take the photo of the recipient out of the computer and pass it onto the large canvas. Rather than choosing a single photo, you can print a collage of multiple photos on a large canvas as a gift for the recipient. The recipient is sure to treasure this gift forever!

Photo Money BoxPhoto Money Box: Everyone has a money box, the most secure place to store your earnings! Buy one of these money-boxes as a gift, for whoever it is, and print his or her photo on it before you gift. It will definitely be a different, yet unique gift. If you can make the print work a bit interesting, it will be applauded even more. For example, align the piggy bank’s opening for dropping coins and the mouth in the photograph so that it appears as if you are dropping coins into the mouth! Come up with creative ideas to make the money box look more than just another regular piggy-bank.

Photo Wall ClockPersonalized Wall Clocks: There are not many ways, in which you can personalize wall clocks. From the limited options available, the best one is to make a photo printed wall clock. Various shops and companies allow you to customize wall clocks by adding photos to the background. Whether you want to use a single photo, a collage or any other type of photo, it should be a product of your imagination!

iPhone CasePhoto Printed Phone Case: If you have any gadget-obsessed friends or relatives, buy them a phone case with some personalized photo printed on it. However, this time, you can also choose to print something other than their personal photo. But, remember to choose something they follow passionately like her favourite actress or his favourite cricket God.

See how you can use something simple as a photograph and, say, key chains, to make a truly personalized gift! Next time when you have to gift someone, think about some of creative personalized photo gifts or try to come up with something creative of your own. After reading this article, you should feel confident about coming up with some creative ideas. Give it a shot and don’t forget to tell us about it!

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