5 Art Print Facts that Every Interior Decorator do not Want You to Know

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Every interior decorator has his secrets. Secrets that make him good at what he does.

I’m going to reveal these secrets to you. Why? Because I want to make you a better home decorator.

From now on, every time when you pick up an art print to decorate your home, you will know what exactly to do with it.

So here is the first one.

Treat Every Room Unique

Floral Art

Professional home decorators never use the same kind of art for different rooms. They use landscape art for the living room and in bedroom, they use a clam and soothing art. An interior decorator treats every room in a different way. According to them, using the same kind of art prints for different rooms is a crime.

So here is your takeaway from this little secret. Never use the same kind of art for different rooms. Do not decorate your home, but decorate your room.

The Secret of Selecting Art, Frame and Mat

Art Frame

An art print should match the color of paint and the furniture used in that room— this is the most basic step of choosing art for your home. But you probably knew this already.

So here is something you didn’t know. Choosing the frame, mat etc. of the art print is also extremely important. This is where professional home decorators prove worth the money. Here is the secret to selecting that perfect frame and mat for your art.

The frame should be darker than the art and the paint used for the room. However, it should not be too flashy to divert the attention from art. Similarly, the mat should be darker than the wall, but lighter than the art painting. The mat must attract the attention of viewers towards the art.

The Secret of Arranging Art

Arranging Art

No matter how good an art you choose and how well you frame it, any slip-up in displaying it can ruin the whole thing. If it is just one piece of art print, you may not have a hard time arranging it. However, sometimes you may have two, three, or even more art prints for a single wall. Now, arranging art is a bit more complex.

The professionals follow some rules and codes for arranging multiple art prints. These rules allow them to make the best use of available space on every wall. You can read more about these rules and arranging techniques here.

The Secret of Heights

Size of Walls

You probably know the general rule of hanging art- always hang the art at eye level. Because that’s when you are able to enjoy the art to its best. But what is the normal eye level? Well, the professionals have all these heights and measurements figured out. Here is his secret.

To hang an art, a professional home decorator always drills the wall at 5ft 7inches from the floor. This 5ft 7inches is considered the average eye level of an average man or woman. So next time, don’t hang the art too high or too low. You know the proper height.

Secret of Numbers

Multiple Picture Frames

When the walls of your room are extravagantly spacious, there are two ways to approach the decoration. Either you can use an enormous art print that covers almost the entire wall or you can use multiple number of smaller art prints. But again, make sure to arrange the art prints in an innovative way.

There is no real secret to deciding on whether to use a large painting or multiple ones. Most professionals go by instincts or intuitions. With experience, these instincts tend to get right. Well, most times.

So there you have it, 5 secrets of a professional home decorator exposed. Combine the power of your creativity and these secrets to come up with dazzling home décor ideas. By the way, which one of these secrets do you find most helpful?

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