5 Books to Become a Better Art Collector

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Do you find it hard to survive in the ever-growing art industry?

Maybe it is because you are just a beginner and you need more experience to challenge the best. Maybe it is because you need to be a bit more prudent. Whatever the reason is, there is one common solution for all: books.

You know, books are the children of someone’s brain! There are many books about art collection available in the market. Here, we present five of them. Let us start with a book targeting beginners in art collection.

The Intrepid Art Collector: The Beginner’s Guide to Finding, Buying, and Appreciating Art on a Budget

The Intrepid Art CollectorThis book by Lisa Hunter is an extensive guide for buying art paintings and getting the most out of your money. Through this book, the author provides an art lover with a checklist that can be used to price art paintings. The author has done extensive research and study on the matter by talking to professionals and experts in the art industry. The result is a well-crafted book with lots of useful suggestions for any art collector.

Many people stay away from art collecting because of the kind of money involved with art paintings. The author tells you the advantages of buying real art instead of reproductions, how to determine if the price of a piece of art is fair, how to predict future trends in art etc. In this book, you will also find effective ways to negotiate price with dealers, tips for preserving art etc. This book will definitely make you an intrepid and wise art collector in a very short time.

The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art

The $12 Million Stuffed SharkEvery year, new records are being made in the art industry. The art world made a big leap, in terms of money, in the last decade or so. But, why? What is the psychology behind this sudden rise in interest for arts? Writer Don Thompson is trying to explain this current trend in the market through his book “The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art”.

The author makes a brave attempt to explore the money, desire and other reasons behind the so-called ‘love of art’. At the same time, he is also investigating the reasons behind why some art are left behind in this race of millions. Revelations made in this book might surprise even the most experienced heads in this business. The book also says how the critics play an important role in validating the work. This book is first of its kind, looking into the economics and marketing strategies of art industry. This book is one of the best-sellers from Don Thompson.


Art Dealer’s Field Guide: How to Profit in Art, Buying and Selling Valuable Paintings

Art Dealer's Field GuideIt is just amazing how a simple piece of art painting gains value while just hanging on the wall. In the book, ‘Art Dealer’s Field Guide’, writer Ron Davis is examining the dynamics of art. The book offers extensive knowledge on buying and selling art, making profit. If you wait for the experience to make the difference, things may not work the way you intended. However, if you read books like this one by Ron Davis, you will find it extremely fruitful. The book is actually a shortcut to ‘experience’!

Ron Davis talks not only what you should do but also what you should not do while buying or selling art. This one is meant for beginners in art collection. For experienced guys, this book could make a good reference. According to the publisher, “Art is not only about aesthetics; it is also about economics, and this book is about how to make money investing in art”. And ‘Art Dealer’s Field Guide’ is all about investing in art wisely.


Legal Guide to Buying and Selling Art and Collectibles

Legal Guide to Buying and Selling Art and Collectibles The buying and selling of art paintings itself is a tedious task. To add to the complexity, you have to look at the legal side too. It is never too easy to understand the legal sides of the business, but thanks to the book ‘Legal Guide to Buying and Selling Art and Collectibles’, you have everything you need to know in your hands.

Armen Vartian is the author of this book and he is one of the leading attorneys in the U.S, and there may not be a better authority to talk on the legal sides of art collecting. He is also a lawyer to many art galleries and museums. Although this is a decade old book, the information given in the book is still relevant.



Caring for Your Art: A Guide for Artists, Collectors, Galleries, and Art Institutions

Caring for Your ArtWhen buying art paintings, what is your biggest fear next to losing money? It has to be taking care of the precious art painting. This Jill Snyder book tells you everything you need to know regarding taking care of art paintings. From hanging the art on your walls to transporting it to other locations, everything is capsuled in this 200 odd paged book.

It is not some random preserving tips that the author talks about in this book. The author carries the book forward in a very systematic manner. The book talks about how to handle art, setup a secure environment for art, mat and frame, the technological advances etc. For anyone who is into collecting art paintings, this book will prove to be a good addition to the library.

So, there you have it, five books about collecting valuable art! In couple of these books, the authors talks about buying, selling and taking care of art painting. We also saw books that make you aware of the legal sides of art collection and the psychology of collecting art. However, unless and until you apply whatever you read in these books to perfection, success is not a guarantee.

Your Turn

Do you have any other books to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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