5 Things Every Gift Giver Should Know about their Recipients

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Are you planning to buy a gift for your loved one? Well, here is a bitter truth for you. Not all gifts are winners!

If you need to find a truly great gift, all you need to do is, understand the recipient a little bit better. Get in to their heads and get to know their needs. Here are some tips to find a good gift for anyone and for any occasion.

They Like to Feel Important

They Should Feel Important

First of all, make sure that the gift you buy is not just a show-off. It should mean something to the recipient. Everyone likes to be treated with care and importance. And every giftee expects the same. Sometimes even a simple gift like a photo album or a greeting card with fervid words can make them feel special. At the same time, even if you gift something expensive like an iPad, it would go into the list of ‘just another gift’. So, buy a gift that says, ‘you are important to me’, rather than, ‘I spent a fortune on this one’!

They Wish for Practical Gifts

Practical Gifts

Some people just love anything and everything they receive as gifts. But, others are picky and they won’t like any gift that is not ‘practical’. So, always try to choose gifts that are useful for the recipient.

Take the example of an art print. It is a gift that you can never call ‘useless’. Art is always a great addition to any place and it can lift the face of any home, effortlessly.

Another useful gift you can come up with is kitchen utensils. No homemaker is content with whatever she got in the kitchen, in terms of utensils. And yes, if you gift something ‘not useful’, the gift will probably end up in some dark, lonely corner of their house and memory.

Prices are Not Important as Long as Gift are Useful


Today, the trend is to go for flashy and expensive gifts. One thing you forget to think is whether the gift will be useful for the recipient in any sort. In reality, no one on the receiving side of a gift ranks the gift for its price tag. All that matters to the recipient is whether the gift is useful or not. You can either buy a gift worth Rs.5000, which apparently is of no use, or buy a useful gift worth Rs.500. The recipient might be happier to receive the gift that is worth Rs.500 and not the other way around.

They Yearn for Exclusive and Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts

We already talked about how much every recipient likes to be treated with importance and care. Well, this is how they expect you to show care! So, try to make the gift exclusive and, of course, exquisite, if you really want to impress the recipient. If you can find a more personalized gift, that will be an icing on the cake!

But, what exactly makes a ‘personalized’ gift? An album of your favorite moments together, coffee mugs with your picture printed on it, etc. are perfect examples of personalized gifts. These gifts can touch the emotions of the recipient and, at the same time, make them feel important. These gifts are less expensive, yet highly exclusive and personalized!

You Should Know their Preferences

You Should Know Their Preferences

Last, but never the least, get to know their preference. A good gift does not always have to be ‘material’. Sometimes, the recipient might be hoping for something more than just material gifts. This is where you need to understand their wants and present them with a memorable experience.

To ‘gift an experience’, take your friend or loved one for a trip down to their favorite place or a place with some emotional attachment. When it comes to material gift, dig a bit more into their likes and dislikes and understand whether they like modern gifts like gadgets or more traditional ones like art paintings. It may not sound very easy, but once you put your heart and soul onto it, things will prove rather cinchy.

This article is sure to help a lot of confused minds. Every recipient wish to receive something useful as gift and not some feckless and expensive gift. What is the most memorable gift you received on your birthday? Did that gift follow the above rules? Share your experiences via comments.

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