How to Kick-start Your (Indian) Art Collecting Career

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Starting an art-collecting career is the exact opposite to driving a car. It is easy to start a car; the challenge is to get it going.

But with art collecting, the challenge is to get things going. Once you are on the road, it is all ‘autopilot’- you just have to refuel it once in a while.

But how do you do it?

Here are five simple tips that will help to propel your art-collecting career to new heights.

So let us start with the most important of all, ‘educating yourself’.

Educate Yourself

Educate Yourself

The Bible says, ‘A man of knowledge increases power.’

Knowledge gives you the power to make the right decisions at the right time. The knowledge of what to buy and when to buy is something of great value for an art collector. Understanding the different types of art paintings and the styles that are trending in the market will help you a lot in making the decision. Abstract, impressionist, expressionist, surrealist etc are different styles of art painting. You can also make a classification depending on the material used to create the artwork. Some paintings are produced using oil, pastel, watercolor, hot wax etc.

Next, learn about the current trends in art market. Today, abstract art paintings are trending in the art market. Tomorrow, it could be impressionist paintings. Trends can change in a jiff and as an art collector, you need some sort of a ‘sixth sense’ to see this change happening. To an extent, this is something that comes with experience, but you should start trying at the starting stages.

Read Indian Art Magazines

Art India Magazine

Knowledge is a treasure, yes. But, where to find it?

Well, there is always the internet, for one. Internet can be a great place to find general information about art painting. But it may not help that much if you are looking to track down current trends. For that, there are various other resources. You need art magazines. Creative Gaga, Kyoorius etc are some popular Indian art magazines. Some of these magazines have dedicated sections, just to explain current trends in the industry. Even better, through these magazines, you will get to know more about some of your favorite artists and some other artists who you may not even know. Maybe your luck is written in the pages of one of these magazines.

Buy What You Love

Buy Art You Love

Quite simply, of all the tips and advices anyone can give about buying art painting, this is the best. The art you buy should mean something to you. Something more than just random colours on a piece of canvas. You should be able to connect with the painting, emotionally. But, yes, it is never easy to get it right on first try. Fortunately, you can afford to experiment. Not with original art paintings, but with art prints.

Starting at normal art prints, you can slowly climb the ladder by trying limited edition art prints, watercolor paintings and then original oil paintings. If you straight away start buying watercolor or oil paintings, you are putting your money at risk. After a week or two, you might lose interest on the painting and might end up selling it at a lower price. If you buy an art painting you love, you will not want to let go off the painting, unless you are offered an amount you cannot resist.

Shop for New Artists

New Artists

This is a different way to climb the same ladder. Start at a low profile by buying art from new artists in and around your city. But, finding these new artists is not that easy. The art magazines can help you here. Most art magazines have features about upcoming artists or a couple of pages dedicated to the works of new artists. Through resources like these, you can always get in touch with a tyro artist near your city. If this does not help, try internet and buying from an online shopping portal. There will always be artworks by new artists at these online art shops. Local art galleries and art shops are also places to look for new artists.

Visit Local Art Gallery

Local Art Gallery

We already talked a bit about the advantages of looking for art prints in local art galleries. Actually, there is more to it! The curator at these art galleries can help you to identify your style of art. You just have to open up your mind about what you are looking for in an art painting. In addition, the art galleries might have a long list of local artists, which might prove useful in your search. So, as a beginner in art collecting, never underestimate the importance of local art galleries.

Keep Your Collections Safe

Protect Art

This is something people tend to overlook, at times. Before you buy original art, you need to have proper facilities in place to ensure the safety of the valuable piece of art. First, you need to find a place to hang the artwork. ‘Anywhere’ won’t work! Factors like humidity, light etc affects the durability of an art painting. So, you need to find a place that has perfect humidity and a place where sunlight will not fall directly on the painting. Along with all this, make arrangements to get the art painting framed properly. It will add some years to the life of that painting.

The tips explained here can make a whole lot of difference for a novice art collector. All it takes to start your art-collecting career is some knowledge, a bit of love and a sound strategic approach. Once you follow these tips, the results will start to show and your career will start in a better way than you imagined.

Before leaving, I would like to ask you a question – Did you find this article useful?  Would you apply the suggestions mentioned in this article? How did you learn collecting art?

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