6 Ways You can Improve Your Home with Art Prints

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So, you want to use art prints to improve your home.

But, how exactly are you planning to do it? Sometimes, the way you use art is more important than the art itself.

You could use a large poster or a miniature art for your living room, a framed art or a stretched canvas in your bedroom, a 3-piece set or a black and white painting for your hallway.

Whatever you choose, remember, the way you display art on the walls can make a huge difference. Here we give you a few simple tips you can try with art prints to improve your home.

1. A Large Poster

Art Print Poster

Does your home have large spacious walls? If yes, a large poster is the best way to go about decorating. Depending on how big and spacious the wall is, you can choose the art print poster. However, do not choose prints that fully cover the wall. You have to leave some space so that the wall or the art does not suffocate. The print might depict the beauty of nature or even situations from religious stories. For example, ‘The Last Supper’, ‘Githopadesa’ etc.

Sometimes it becomes beyond a practical solution to use large prints on the large wall. If this happens, you can always try two paintings of intermediate size. The two paintings just have to be similar in style and representation.

2. Framed Art

Painting Frame

If you want the art print to do its ‘Voodoo’ on your walls, get the print framed.

What difference can a frame make? Actually, a whole lot!

Today, wall frames of different size, style and materials are available in the market. If you choose a frame that match the furniture and color of paint used for the room, you are certainly on the right route to home improvement. But, listen. Do not overdo or underdo it! Make sure the frame does not overly blend with the room. At the same time, it should not be the standout feature of the room because it might turn the attention away from actual art.

3. 3-piece Sets

3 Piece Sets

It will not hurt to try something different once in a while! One innovative way to use the art is to make a collage. You do not need too many prints to make one; three is enough. Arrange the art prints in an artistic way to amplify the beauty of room and the paintings.

Normally, ‘3’ is considered to be the perfect number for this because ‘3’ neither too many nor is it too less. Now, if you decide to get these prints framed, the frames should follow the same style or, at least, complement each other. Otherwise, the collage will prove to be a colossal wreck on your wall!

4. As Stretched Canvas

3-Piece Print Sets

Some people hate the idea of framing an art piece. They believe that the frame takes the attention away from the real art. If you do not want to use glass, mat or wooden outer frames for your art print either, stretched canvas could turn out to be a great option. Here, the print is stretched on a wooden frame and the frame stays under the print, hidden from eyes. All you get to see when using stretched canvas is the real naked art print.

You can also make a collage like experience on the walls and you do not even need multiple prints. Divide an art print into different portions and stretch them on a wooden frame. Then, arrange these portions in an innovative way to produce the original painting. This type of innovations can always be an addition to your home.

5. Miniature Art Prints

Miniature Art Prints

Big art prints may not look appealing on every wall or every room. So, you have miniature art prints. These are comparatively smaller art prints, which you can either hang on the wall or keep it on the tabletop or even on the mantelpiece. Although miniature art prints are generally used on the table and bookshelves, it is not uncanny to use these smaller prints on walls as a simple collage.


6. Black & White Copies

Black & White Prints

One advantage of art prints is that you can add your own touch to make them truly ‘yours’. One such simple touch you can always try is to turn the painting black and white. It does not matter whether your home is modern or traditional, an all black and white art print can truly add to the setting. A monochrome art print can complement the traditional style of home décor, while it adds a retro feel to a house with modern outlook.

Here, we discussed some simple steps you can follow to improve your home by using art prints. You can use framed art prints, stretched ones or even miniature art; all it need is a bit of sense. Use either one large normal framed art print or an art print on a stretched canvas or even make a collage.

How would you arrange art prints in your home? Would you frame the art print or simply stretch it on the board? Share your idea of decorating your home with art prints.

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