7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Art Prints Over Originals

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Imagine this…

You are walking into an art gallery.  There you see an overwhelming collection of original art and prints.  You want to buy one home, but you are confused. Questions start building up in your mind.

What should I choose — Original or Prints?  Which one is best suited for my home?  Which one would prove worth the money I spend?

Sounds familiar?

If I were given an option, nine out of ten times, I would choose art prints. It might sound irrational to you at first. But believe me, the reasons are compelling.

Here are my seven reasons why art prints are a better choice over originals.

. Wide Range of Collection

You have Wide Selection with Art Prints – If you ask people who have already tried shopping for original art, they will tell you, ‘it’s easier said than done!’ They say, you can find original art painting on most galleries, but you will not find the good ones there. Good ones are expensive and most of the art galleries do not stock it. According to them, ‘quality’ original art is hard to find.

Now consider the case of art prints.  It is easily available and you can find variety of art prints.  It surely includes copies of art from famous artists as well as regional artists.  You have a wide selection here.

There is also an interesting fact about art prints – only popular original art are reproduced in art prints.  That means, the chance of getting a useful copy of art is higher with art prints than a selection of original art paintings.

Most Original Arts are Mediocre –  Mediocre Paintings Yes, admit it! Most original art paintings produced today are not worth the millions. This is one reason why you should choose to buy art prints instead of original art. For the price you are paying for an original art of some modern-ish artist, you could buy many prints of masterpiece creations by world famous painters.

Easy on Your Pocket – Like we said, original art can cost you an arm and a leg! Really, it can be too heavy on your pocket. You do not have to pay a fortune if the art is for simple home décor. All you need is art prints. With the money you are paying for an mediocre original art painting, you could even buy a dozen of prints by famous artists.

It is difficult to Understand ‘What Good Art is’? – There are not many people, who understand the real value of an original art. Most of the general public, they are just interested in how the artwork looks or makes them feel. Original or not, it doesn’t matter! So, I don’t see any reason why you should be wasting all your money on original art.

Easy to Frame & HangEasy to Maintain – To own an original artwork is definitely a matter of pride. But, it needs attention, real close attention. There is the problem of taking care of the painting. The colors can fade and the canvas can get damaged.

Now, not everyone have the time and patience to take care of these original artworks. That’s why art prints are, again, a better option. These art prints don’t demand too much of your time. You don’t have to worry too much about maintenance either. These art prints are made to survive and that, they will.

Can Hang at Multiple Locations – Unlike original paintings, art prints come in multiple numbers and different sizes. This can always work in favor of someone who is interested in home décor. The availability of a painting in different size makes it possible for you to hang the painting anywhere you want; any number of room, any wall.

Do not be Afraid of Thieves No Need to be Afraid of Thieves – With every original artwork you buy, anxiety, fear and stress comes along. You will never be able to sleep well if you have an original painting worth a fortune hanging on your walls. That kind of huge money can always attract thieves. If it is an art print on the wall, you never have to worry about thieves and you will get your eight hours of sound sleep!

There are many more reasons for buying an art print instead of original painting. What we discussed here are only the important reasons. For home or small office, choosing art prints instead of original art can save you money and time.

What is your take on this?  Should anyone buy original art for home décor?  Leave your opinion in comments.

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