7 Great Websites for Art Lovers

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Do you love arts?

Moreover, do you love to be kept up-to-date about all the news and happenings in the world of arts?


Well then, there are a number of websites that talk and show art, websites that will help you to be up-to-date with anything that goes on and around in the art industry. Here, we present you seven websites an art lover will find interesting to hang around. Some of these websites got into this list just because of the amount of relevant and up-to-date information they offer you. However, some other websites in the list is there because they provide you access to thousands of famous art paintings or because they are fun.


Art Daily

It is only appropriate to kick-start the list by discussing about the first art newspaper on the internet. Artdaily.org was started in the year 1996 and today, it is one of the biggest news sources for current happenings in the world of art. If you love to keep a close watch on the art industry, do not overlook this website. Artdaily.org keeps you posted about the art fairs, various auctions and other major events in art world. Apart from all this, the website features a list of famous art galleries and museums around the world. You can choose to subscribe for updates from this website and always stay up-to-date with the art world.


Blouinartinfo.com Blouinartinfo.com is yet another website, which is all about current happenings in the world of art. There is news and information about art galleries in this website but, blouinartinfo.com is more of a magazine sort of website. There are separate sections for contemporary art, ancient art, for reviews, features etc. However, unlike artdaily.org, you will find some interesting articles and topics for discussion on this website. For example, “After the Flood: How Will Hurricane Sandy Change New York’s Art World?” By the way, make sure you do not miss the photo gallery, video gallery and blog of this website. Moreover, this website also feature news-stories about latest fashion shows, artistic movies etc.


Artsy.netArtsy.net is comparatively a new website, setup exclusively for art lovers and collectors. According to its CEO, “Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection”. The website also allows you to buy some of your favourite paintings after browsing a selection of over 30,000 artworks. ‘The art genome project’ by Artsy.net has already created a buzz in the art industry and you might want to have a peek at this project. In this project, they study the different characteristics of paintings by various artists and connect them based on their ‘genes’. Sounds interesting and extremely useful, right? The website also has a separate section for current events in art world and a blog. This website is enough to glue you to your seats for hours.

Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural InstituteGoogle Cultural Institute is a result of yet another innovative thinking from the part of Team Google. Navigate to googleartproject.com and what you will see is a list of museums, art galleries and artists. Click on any one name and a huge list of artworks will come up on the screen. Currently, there are thousands of artists and hundreds of museums under this project. New galleries and art are always being added on. You can also create a customized gallery with all the paintings and artworks you love. There is an additional Museum View offered for you, which is actually a virtual tour of the actual museum. You can ‘virtually’ walk around more than 50 museums using this Google project.



3D VasThe name might sound like three divas or something, but it is actually 3D Virtual Art Space. If you think Google art project is innovative, you will not be disappointed by 3dvas.com. To the core, this website is a simple virtual art gallery. However, there are no virtual tours of art galleries or museums at this website. An artist can place his paintings for an online exhibition and this is where the story starts. When you visit the exhibition, you will enter 3D virtual space and you will be given an ‘avatar’! You can walk around the exhibition hall, zoom-in at any painting, view artist’s profiles, take guided tours etc. However, the most interesting part might be the chat mode! Yes, you can engage in live chat with other visitors around! How is that for innovative thinking!


Deviant ArtThere may not be a single art enthusiast who is not aware of this famous website. Deviantart.com is the largest online art community with millions of artists, both professional and amateur, from around the world as its members. You will find traditional as well as contemporary artists on this website. Still, modern art has an upper hand on Deviantart.com. This website is also a repository of modern digital paintings. Deviantart.com is a perfect website for art lovers and young artists.

Some More Fun Websites to Hangout

Every single one of the websites we talked about is more art and less fun. Maybe, now is a good time to turn our attention to a more fun filled art experience. So, here are a couple of websites where you can hangout, creating your own art. The website jacksonpollock.org lets you create abstract art paintings, rather drip paintings, like those of Jackson Pollock. Artpad.art.com is another one of those online funky painting tools, which lets you create art and you can even replay every single step you did. Finally, checkout bomomo.com for some really weird painting experience. And remember, these websites are exclusively ‘for fun’.

So, you will have your share of knowledge, fun and thrill, once you visit these websites. You can keep yourself updated about all the news and current happenings in the world of arts by following websites like artdaily.com and blouinartinfo.com. If you feel like visiting a museum, you can visit ‘googleartproject.com’ or ‘3dvas.com’. And, if it is just for fun, the above mentioned ones are only just two of many! The choice is yours to make.

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