7 Reasons Why Indians are Embracing Art Prints for Home Décor

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Yesterday, when I was reading a book about paintings, a thought came to my mind – why do we like art prints?

Even though, we have many choices of home décor products available, most of us chose art prints for our homes. Why are we not using original art instead? There must be some reason for this love, right?

Out of curiosity, I went out to check some of the houses in my neighborhood (of course, with their permission ;-)) And guess what? Most of them are using art prints.

But, why?

There can be many reasons for this choice. And this is what we found — it all depends on how you view an art print.

1. It is easy on pocket


Nobody wants home décor to be rough on their pocket. Everyone is looking for the best possible solution, spending the least amount of money. Thanks to modern technology, art prints are an exact solution to this need. Art prints do not take a lot away from your pocket. And they add more beauty to your home. This is what you want, right?

In the past, you had to buy original paintings spending significant money. Only rich could afford that kind of money. However, compared to art prints, there is nothing extra-spectacular about using original art. Both looks and feels the same. Today, every person on this planet can buy art prints at fraction of the cost of originals.

2. You have wide range of collection including regional artists

. Wide Range of Collection Affordability is one thing. What about availability? Guess what? Art prints are available like anything else! Today, buying art prints is as easy as buying cereal grains from a grocery store. You just have to worry about which one to choose.

Every art store and gallery has a collection of wide range of art prints from both famous and local artists. This allows you to scout for the perfect art painting for your home. You can browse through the paintings and buy that perfect piece. This widespread availability of art prints is one main reason why Indians are embracing art prints.

3. You can own a masterpiece

Masterpiece Painting

Being an ardent art lover, you are always tempted to buy original art. But, considering the amount of money you have to spent, is this a good move? An original painting might cost thousands of rupees and maybe even lakhs.

On other hand, art prints are available at prices around Rs1000. So, what you would choose: a print of ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci or some untitled work from an unknown local artist? In short, you could buy copy of a masterpiece at fraction of the cost to original painting from a lesser known artist.

4. You can select themed art

Themed ArtsHome decoration does not mean, hanging same kind of painting in all the rooms. It has to be different for each room. Paintings of nature in dining room, paintings that provide motivation in office room, paintings with vibrant colors in kid’s room and so on.

If you look in the original art section, you might be disappointed as the options available are limited in this regard. However, when it comes to art prints, the selection available is wide and you can easily find any type of painting you need. This easy availability of theme based art paintings is another reason for people to choose art prints for home décor.

5. It is available in different sizes

Available in different Sizes

An original art is not created with the size of your room in mind. However, an art print is! You have the choice to make art prints big or small depending on the size of the wall.

For example, the original painting of ‘Mona Lisa’ comes at a dimension of 77 cm × 53 cm. On a large, spacious wall, the famous smile of ‘Mona Lisa’ may not look that appealing. However, you can always make prints of larger size to fit the large wall.

6. It is easily available online

Buy OnlineSuppose you are not able to find the art print you need in local galleries or shops. You can always head to online shops. At online shops, you will be able to buy the perfect art print for your home at very reasonable prices. This kind of ease in buying art prints, even from the comfort of one’s home, is reason number six for their increasing popularity. OrangeCarton.com has great collection of art prints from a wide range of artists and of different styles.

7. It is easy to frame, hang and maintain

Easy to Frame & Hang

Maintaining an original piece of art is never easy. You have to protect it from sunlight, dust, humidity, heat etc. Some art paintings cannot even afford to stay in direct contact with glass; something you would normally do while framing. However, art prints do not need the kind of care an original painting does. In addition, majority of art print retailers are selling art prints with frames. You just have to hang it in your room!

These are the seven reasons why art prints are making it big in the Indian market. It’s affordable, available, easy to buy and easy to maintain. What else can you possibly ask for?


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