Are you An Art Aficionado?(Checklist for a Budding Art Collector)

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Are you an art fanatic, thinking about starting an art collection? It does not matter whether you are a young professional or a retiree; it is never too late to start collecting art. For anyone who is about to start collecting art, as a hobby or an investment, here is a check-list that will help you.

1. Select an Art That Moves You

Buy the Art that Moves YouThere is a reason why this comes at the top of the list. The art you buy is going to be with you for a long time and you do not want to live alongside something you do not really love. Unfortunately, not every piece of art will be able to do this. Some art paintings will make you happy while some others will lift your spirits and some others do not produce any emotions. When that happens, you will lose interest in the art and might lose the attachment you had initially. Therefore, finding the art that moves you is the most important thing for any budding art collector. This art will add luxury not only to your home, but also to your life.

2. Do your Home Work

Do your Home WorkHomework is never enough when it comes to buying art paintings; you can always do more and better. Visit the museums and art galleries in or around your town. This might prove to be the difference maker in your hunt for art paintings. In addition, talking to people at these places can help you in the pursuit of art. The curators and other staffs at these places will be familiar with many artists. You can take advantage of their connections and you will be able to learn a lot from these people.

3. Know the Art Market 

Know the Art MarketThe trends in art market can sometimes be helpful and sometimes be deceiving. To understand what trend is here to stay, what trend will change etc, takes a bit of experience and knowledge. This is why educating yourself about art market and is important. Knowing the art market will shape you to make the right decisions at the right time; something that will help you make and save some money.


4. Educate Yourselves about Pricing

PricesPrice of an art depends on many things from quality of that art to the artist behind the scene. There is a lot more things that can affect the pricing of art and understanding these factors can help greatly in the quest. That is why educating yourself about pricing an art is always part of the checklist. Once you know the factors affecting price, you will be easily able to determine the expected prices of art paintings.

5. Establish a Budget

Budgetting Art BuyBudget might be the most important and deciding factor for many novice art collectors. Having the budget predefined will help in narrowing down the search for art paintings to buy. If you have a flexible budget, this part may not mean that much important to you. However, establishing budget before starting the search is kind of a protocol followed by art collectors.


6. What Type of Painting?

Modernism ArtAn art collector must know about the different types of art painting and the type that is currently trending. Buying art that is trending can be a safe short term investment. For example, abstract art is the current trend in market. Majority of art collectors are buying these types of paintings as they are finding these a safe investment. However, trend alone should not dominate your decision. It must be a painting, which you love and will be proud to display in the living room. More than money, joy is something you should expect from a painting as returns.

7. Are they from a Popular Artist?

Popular PaintingsSomeone who is even remotely connected with art collection will know one thing: paintings from popular artists make a huge difference. The name of artist associated with some paintings can always be a money magnet. So, if your budget allows, buy paintings by a popular artist. These paintings will only appreciate with time, offering you a great return of investment. You never know, the name-tag a painting carries might turn out to be more valuable than the money you paid for it!

8. Start Small with Limited Edition Prints and Normal Prints

Limited Edition PaintingIf you are a novice in art collection, bidding big on original art paintings might only hurt your pocket. To start an art collection, your best bet will be to start by collecting art prints and then limited edition prints. Exposing yourself, at once, to the art market is not a great idea. It’s all about learning and growing, slowly. Collecting limited edition art prints can teach you many things about art collection, without placing big money on the line. It’s a stepping stone to the bigger arena of original art.

9. Age of Painting

Time Stands StillIt is not surprising that old art paintings attract more money than most new ones. A beginning art collector should be always aware of this trend in the market. One reason for this is the artist; only a limited number of paintings from the same artist are available today. But, if you decide to buy an old painting, maintenance of the painting is something that can make you worried. Make sure you are up to the challenge of taking care of an old painting before paying for it.

10. Where You will Place the Painting

Painting FrameAs a beginner, you must figure out a place to keep all the art you buy. You can choose the living room of your house, but you never know when the space is going to run out. More importantly, you should know how the painting would look on the walls of living room. This is something you should figure out before buying the art.


11. Buy from Reputable Sources

Buy OnlineThe place from where you buy art has never been so important. Chances of you being conned is increasing in the art market. So, always choose a reliable source to buy art paintings. This ensures that you get what you paid for and you get it at the lowest possible rate. Art galleries and museums are good places, but do your homework to make sure they are reliable.

You might be wondering now: all this trouble just to buy a simple piece of art! But, actually, is it really a trouble? No! For those who genuinely love art, this is an adventure; similar to something you will find in daily life. You might become an expert art enthusiast one day and even then, you will find these points valid in your research.

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