Art Buying Tips for a Novice Home Decorator

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As a novice home décor, pulling off the perfect home décor idea is not always easy. But, once you find that perfect idea, it will be highly rewarding. Now, art paintings can be used to decorate any home environment, but it’s all about how you use it. It is important that you know more about art paintings before you buy it for your home. Here are some of those important things that can help you in deciding your purchase.

1. Type of paintings

You should start the search by deciding on the type of painting you want to use for the house. You can choose from three options: original, print or reproduction.

Types of Art PaintingsOriginal Paintings – If you decide to buy original art painting for your home, you really need to do your homework. These original paintings can be pretty expensive and you do not want to bet your money on something that mean nothing to you. So, first decide the theme of painting you want to use in the house and then search for the painting. The next big question is ‘where to buy?’ It’s only fair, sometimes, to doubt the genuineness of the painting you are buying. There are many art galleries, which sell art paintings of famous artists. This is one place from where you can buy original paintings. Another option for you is to buy the paintings directly from the artists themselves.

Art Prints – Original art paintings are exorbitantly expensive. For people who cannot afford to pay for original art, art prints are always there. These art prints are made by the artists or printing companies using special printing techniques. This means, there could be any number of art prints available for you, which will be exact replicas of original paintings. Rather than buying original paintings, art prints could work well for a novice home decorator.

Reproduction Paintings Reproduction Paintings – For a novice home decorator, buying reproduction of original paintings could be more sensible. These are copies of the original painting, but done by another artist. Reproductions are usually much cheaper than the original paintings. Since these are reproductions, you can get paintings of any size or measurement. This will be an added advantage when it comes to home décor. You can fill in any gap on the wall of a house with the paintings you love.

2. Decide on Medium of Painting

Medium of PaintingThe medium of the painting is something that needs considerable attention when buying. This is because the medium used in the painting can affect the way it can be displayed in your home. Oil paintings are one of the most common medium of painting people choose because these paintings can be hung in any room of the house. It even needs only minimum attention when it comes to taking care of it. But, when it comes to watercolor, it should never be kept at a place where sunlight can directly reach the canvas. Since the colors tend to fade out easily, the painting needs to have a protective covering of glass. Some other types of medium used in painting are acrylic paint, Crayon, Fresco, Palette and so on.

3. Size of Art

Available in different SizesBefore buying art, you must decide where to hang it. This will help in deciding on the size of the print or reproduction you need to buy. Calculate the area available on the wall for hanging the art. A general rule, you can say, is to cover 3/4th of the space available on the wall with art. Some space should be left on both sides of the painting, particularly when you are hanging a painting between two windows.

4. Framed or on Stretched Canvas

Easy to Frame & HangFraming is primarily done to protect the paintings from getting damaged. It could also be done to improve the looks of the painting and make it go with the furniture and overall setting of the house. But, not every type of painting needs the luxury of framing. For example, oil paintings and acrylic ones may not need framing, it can last longer without framing. The stretched canvas is another option for home decoration and this type of canvas could be hung without a frame protecting the painting. This could be another way of creatively decorating your home.

5. Do you need Protective Glass?

For some paintings, having just the frame is not enough. You also need an additional protection in the form of a layer of glass. Protective GlassThis is not needed for every type of painting, but only certain types. The oil paintings may not need a glass layer to protect it from anything, but watercolor painting will need a glass layer covering the painting to protect it from sunlight or humidity.

There is nothing hard to follow when it comes to choosing art for a home. But, everything is about finding that perfect combination that will bring beauty to the house.

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