Art for Home Decor: Are You Making these Common Mistakes?

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Are you planning to buy art for your blank walls?  Did you know the common mistakes people make when they decorate their walls?

In this post, we will discuss the five top mistakes people frequently make when they select and hang art at their homes. We’ll also discuss how you can fix these common mistakes.

So, let’s start.

Mistake #1 Hanging Art Too High or Low 

Hanging Art Too HighI’ve seen this mistake quite often. It’s the biggest mistake people make when they hang art. Sometimes they hang art too high on the wall; you’ll hurt your neck looking at art. And sometimes, it’s the opposite — they are placed so low on the wall that you have to bend you back to view it.

So how do you fix these mistakes?  And what is the correct height to hang art?

The answer is “at eye level”.

I know, it sounds stupid. But trust me; this is the closest answer one can give.  Let me explain.

Imagine for a moment, you are at your home. You are standing in front of a blank wall…where could you look comfortably without hurting your neck?  I’ve no doubt that it would be at the same heights where your eyes are.  And that’s what we call “at eye level”.

But, is your eye level constant on all walls of your home? No, right? It changes when you sit or walk up the stairs. Then, how should we hang art?

It’s simple. You just have to determine how people would view your art on a particular wall. If they would be sitting, hang your art at 45-50 inches height. If they would be standing, hang at 60-65 inches height.

But, have you seen this idea followed everywhere?  I’ve not.  And that’s why this mistake is high up in our list.

Mistake #2 Selecting Mismatched Art 

Mismatched ArtWhen it comes to home décor, it’s very important that all the artwork we hang on our walls should go together with other things in our room.  As we mentioned in other posts, each room also has a particular purpose, if an art fails to match that purpose, then it’s not worth hanging at all.

But, this is not what I saw at many homes – instead, I saw homes with religious paintings in living rooms, landscapes in dining room and portraits in bedrooms. Well, what’s problem here? They don’t match.  They don’t go together with the purpose of the rooms well.

I’ve also seen people combining different kinds of art for the same room. They use flower paintings and abstract art on the same wall. Do they complement each other? No, they don’t work together.

So, how do you avoid this?

Well, there is only one way to solve this problem – you just have to do your groundwork before hanging any art. Ask these questions: What type of room is it? What kinds of paintings would match the room well? How many paintings you need? Answer these questions and avoid this common mistake.

Mistake #3 Choosing Popular Art 

Would you buy popular art for your home? Or would you buy art based on your room’s needs? I’ve seen that 6 out of 10 people would make this serious mistake of selecting popular art. So what’s the problem with popular art?

Here’s what happens…

Hamsa Damayanthi

Hamsa Damayanthi by Ravi Varma

When you select popular art for your home, you are only thinking about popularity and beauty of the artwork. You forget that for a beautiful and effective home décor, an art needs to:

  1. Balance with theme of room
  2. Match with purpose of room
  3. Complements with colour of your wall

In other words, art for home décor needs to have certain qualities. But, does all popular art have these qualities?  I’m afraid that’s not the case.

For instance, take the case of Ravi Varma’s “Hamsa Damayanthi”. I’m sure you’ve noticed this painting in many living rooms.

Now, let’s see how it qualifies for home décor.

  • Does it match with modern living room home decor? No. it only matches with traditional setting.
  • Does it energize you when kept in living room? No. Instead, it only makes you wonder, “What is she thinking?”
  • Does it matches with wall colour? That depends on the actual colour of your living room.

So, what do you think? Does it satisfy the qualities needed for a contemporary living room? I’m afraid it doesn’t. Similarly, thousands of popular artworks do not qualify for home décor.

That’s, popularity does not necessarily mean an art is appropriate for your wall.  If you really want to hang a popular art in your home, you need to ensure that it has the above-mentioned qualities.

Mistake #4 Hanging Oversized Art 

Hanging Oversized ArtHave you noticed homes with bigger artworks on walls? How does it look?  Beautiful or awkward?

Most of the times, it would look awkward because the relative size of art does not match with the size of wall.  It would appear as if an oversized art is hung on a small wall.  So how do you avoid this widespread mistake?

The answer is easy – you just have to determine maximum suggested art size for that wall. Once you know it, you could select an art up to that size; then it wouldn’t look awkward on your wall.  Here is how you find it…

Determining Size of the Art

Find the Open Block of Wall

First, find out the size of your open wall area.  The open wall is the bigger wall area that is void of any windows, appliances, furniture or any other wall décor.

Once open wall size is known, you could then calculate the maximum suggested art size. It is 2/3rd size of this open wall area.  See the example below for explanation.

If your wall is very large (more than 6m in length), then I suggest you to go for groups instead of hanging one single art.


Mistake #5 Hanging Vibrant Art in Bedroom 

Hanging Vibrant Art in BedroomWhat’s the real purpose of hanging art in your bedroom? You want to relax, right? Then, why are people hanging vibrant artworks in bedroom?  This is the 5th common mistake we noticed.

A bedroom is place where you relax.  So this room should be decorated in such a way that it makes you feel relaxed — you have to use neutral colours, soft lights and calming interior for this room.

But, when you keep vibrant modern art in bedroom, it does not help to this cause.  Instead, these artworks energize you.  Do you want that to happen? So make sure you always select relaxing flower paintings or landscape paintings for your bedrooms.

Your Turn

Now that you are aware of these mistakes, you can go ahead and purchase the art for your home.

Did anyone you know make any of these mistakes? What other tips would you recommend to a first time art buyer?  Please do share your comments with us.

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