Art Paintings in a Bedroom – What (Not) to Use

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Abstract art and bedrooms – they never go together.

Do you know why?

A bedroom needs a relaxing art, but abstract art is full of conflicting ideas and never help you to relax.

There is a fine line drawn between the paintings that can relax you and drains you. All you need is to understand where that line is. Once you know this, you can never go wrong in using art paintings for your bedroom.

Now, let us take a look at types of paintings that should be avoided in your bedroom.

Avoid Paintings with Dark ColorsAvoid Paintings with Dark Colors: The story of colors is not over yet! Keep in mind that you are choosing art paintings for your bedroom and therefore, completely avoid paintings with dark colors. Bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax and dark or bright colors are mostly associated with royalty and liveliness. So, use light and relaxing colors like light shades of blue, green, pink etc.

Shun Abstract Art:The modern paintings, or the so-called ‘abstract’ ones, are full of conflicting colors and confusing ideas. It can attract great deal of audience for sure, but may not make a great addition to your bedroom. You bedroom might need something more subtle and stable.

Avoid PortraitsKeep Away Portraits of Ancestors: Now, you might have seen some portraits of famous people or ancestors hanging on the walls of houses. But, let’s make it crystal clear, never hang one of those portraits in your bedroom. You need some privacy in your bedroom. With one of these portraits hanging there, it will feel like someone is always staring at you.

Avoid Emotional Paintings: What worse can you do to your bedroom than hanging a scary art painting? Apparently, nothing! The art painting might go with the painting of the room and might be one of your favorites too. Still, the best thing you can do is to keep it out of the bedroom. It is the same with art paintings, which drool emotion. The bottom line is, use art that helps you to relax. After all, bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax.

Disaster PaintingsSteer Clear of Disaster Related Paintings: You will find many art paintings that depict natural disaster and poverty-stricken people. Some of these paintings might be famous too. But, when it comes to hanging these paintings in the bedroom, it’s always been infamous. In fact, not just to bedroom, but any room in your house!

Religious Paintings are Not Good for Bedrooms: Keeping religious paintings in bedroom is quite common practice. However, according to ‘Fengshui’ and ‘Vastu’, it’s not so advisable. Hanging any king of religious symbols is also a forbidden custom.

Now that you know a lot about what art not to use in the bedroom, let us look at paintings that are good for bedrooms.

Ideal Paintings for Your Bedroom

Romantic PaintingsRomantic Paintings: If you decide to pick something out of the hat, it has to be romantic paintings. These paintings can be relaxing as well as amorous. When you return home after a days work, these romantic paintings can inflict you with absolute tranquility.

Paintings Complementing Bedroom Colors: Colors not only affect the beauty of your bedroom, but also your mood. That’s why you have to be extra careful while buying an art painting for bedroom. First of all, the colors used in the art painting must comply with the paint used for the room. Try not to buy art painting with conflicting colors because it will ruin the beauty of your bedroom.

Landscape PaintingsLandscape Paintings offer Comfort: Nature is always a place to cultivate peace of mind. If you bring an art painting depicting beautiful landscapes, seascapes or the serene nature, it is sure to make your bedroom the place to relax.

A bedroom where you can’t rest, romance or relax is like a flower with no aroma. Using art paintings in bedroom, you can either create this ‘aroma’ or even kill it. So, be wise while buying art painting for your bedroom and don’t pay for something that will ruin your bedroom.

Do you have any art paintings in your bedroom? Which type of art painting is it? Do you experience the benefits or harms of having that art painting in the bedroom? Have your say in the comments.

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