What to Buy for Your Home Décor – Art Prints or Posters?

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Prints Vs PostersWhat would you select if you were given a choice to buy from these two – art prints and art posters?

If you are like most of us, you would have chosen posters because it appears easy on your pocket.  But, when you learn the real differences between the two, we are sure you won’t buy it!

In this post, we will explain why art prints are a better choice than posters.

Art Prints and Posters – The Differences

As you might already know, art prints and posters are simple reproductions of original art. In most cases, posters and prints are printed by the same method – digital printing. The only difference is in the quality of materials used for making the final product.

However, the difference in ‘quality of materials’ make is quite extensive though. It affects the price, life, looks and many other characteristics. Here are the six main differences between art prints and posters.

Art PosterArt Prints are More Affordable in Long Run: When you compare both, at first it may seem art prints are expensive than posters. Art posters are made of cheaper, thin and silky-finish papers, while, art prints are printed on thicker canvases using quality ink. It may appear that art prints are expensive, but the extra money you spend on art prints will prove its worth in the long run.

Prints Offer Longer Durability: The use of high quality canvas makes art print durable too. But, there is another secret behind the durability of art prints. The printmakers provide an extra protection for art prints. Art prints have an extra layer of coating with wax or resins to prevent it from dust, moisture etc. The result is better life. Art posters on paper do not have wax or resin coatings. This makes posters vulnerable to external interferences. The result: posters die young.

Better Color Reproduction: Even though, art prints and posters are printed using the same digital technology, there is a drastic difference in the color reproduction. The color reproduction in posters is less impressive than art prints. The reason: art prints are made of archival quality ink on canvas, while posters use lower quality ink on paper. So if you are looking for a long lasting home décor, select art prints.

Art Print with Frame

Art Prints means Exclusivity: Today, posters are usually printed in mass numbers to cut costs. Each run in the printing press produces large number of posters. That said, art prints are produced in limited numbers. This ensures the quality of each print and it also ensures only limited number of art prints are available in the market.  So, when you buy exclusive art prints, you become an exclusive owner.  Art posters can never buy you such exclusivity!

Prints are Good for Aesthetics: Posters are made of shiny paper. This increases the effects of glare and reflection. The result is impaired view of the art. Art prints, printed on canvas does not have any such issues.

They are not shiny and hence, no glare or reflection. You can add any amount of lighting around the art print. It will never impair the viewing experience of a viewer.

Prints are a Good Investment: You can invest in art prints. Limited edition art prints is a good place to invest your money. Why? The exclusiveness of art print and the growing art market. The rarer the art print, the more profit you get. However, posters have no resale value. As posters are mass-produced, the art collectors do not see any value in investing in posters.

In summary, art prints are always a better choice for home decor. It is durable, classy and even an investment. Posters are hardly classy and are short lived.

Now it is your turn.

So what is your choice now?  Posters or Art prints?  Or both?  Share your views with us via comments.

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