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Madhava Rao by Ravi Varma

10 Least Known Raja Ravi Varma Paintings

The name Raja Ravi Varma is synonymous with modern Indian art. Although there are many artists who took Indian art one-step ahead, none could connect with the common people as Raja Ravi Varma did. People often talk about ‘Hamsa Damayanthi’ and ‘Maharashtrian Lady’ as his important creations.  But, there are many other exquisite works by […]

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Gifting to Group of People

How to Give Gifts to a Group of People

Imagine your friend invited you to her house on this Diwali. You agreed with no hesitation whatsoever and you are all enthusiastic about celebrating Diwali with your old time friend. Then you start to think. ‘She has a family now. She is married and has a child. Her parents also live with her. I can’t […]

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The Festival of Onam and the Significance of Gifting New Clothes

Onam is the National festival of Kerala.  This is a festival of unity and is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the state. Onam is also considered a harvest festival.  According to legends, Onam celebrates the annual visit of the noble king Mahabali from the underworld ‘Pathala’. But how did Mahabali end up in Pathala? Who […]

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Gifting Expensive thing to Wife

Thinking about Giving an Expensive Gift? Read this Before You Do

Why do you want to buy expensive gifts? Is it because you think expensive gifts are thoughtful? Or maybe it is because you think expensive gifts make memorable gifts.  Well, you’ll be surprised to know that none of these ideas hold any truth.  The expensive gifts are neither a thoughtful gift nor they have the makings […]

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Radha Krishna

Should You Give Radha Krishna Idols as a Wedding Gift?

A Radha Krishna idol is a hottest traditional gift in today’s Hindu weddings. But should you give Radha Krishna idols for a newlywed couple? Is it auspicious? Before we get into the details, let’s see why people prefer Radha Krishna idols as wedding gifts. Why People Gift this Idol? There is no other religion, than […]

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How to Improve Likeability?

How to Improve Likeability of Your Art Print Gift

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like?  What were the reasons for your dislike? Were you thinking about a more expensive gift? Or is it because you didn’t like the way it was presented to you? As you can see… not all gifts are winners.  For a gift to win, it somehow […]

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