How to Write a Birthday Greeting Card for Your Close Friend

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Dear Rahul,

Happy Birthday! Have a Wonderful Year Ahead!

What do you think about this birthday greeting?


Then, Let me tell you – this would the same greeting your friend Rahul will get from other friends. Might be differently worded. But, I can assure you the meaning would be exactly same.

Do you want your birthday greeting to be that dull? Then, this is not how you should write. You need to write something that is warm, unique and is easy to remember. Wonder how? Well, this post will tell you. Read on and discover yourself.

How to Start 

Everything depends on a good start, right? Well, not here though! You have so many options to write your opening ‘greeting’. Start with ‘Rahul’, ‘Dear Rahul’, ‘Hi Rahul!’, ‘Hey Rahul!’ or whatever you feel is right for the person. My suggestion, start with something like ‘Hey Rahul!’ or ‘Hi Rahul!’ One more thing, try not to use ‘Dear Rahul’ or ‘My dear Rahul’ to start your greeting if it is for a friend. The former sounds too formal for a friend, while the later is for addressing family members.

The Body

The body is the heart and soul of the birthday greeting card. You can say lots of things in the body of greeting card. The challenge, however, is to say the most things, using the least amount of space available on the greeting card. But, just a ‘Happy Birthday Rahul!’ will only help to make you appear daft and clod. Let us see what are the words and stuff you want to use here.

Remember the times…

Do you remember the fun times you and your friend had together in the past? Well then, what are you waiting for? Scribble it down on the greeting card to remind your friend about those times. Just add another line to say how much you enjoy spending time with him. But, don’t overdo it to make it too cheesy! That should do it then! Do you need an example? Here is one for you.

Remember the times…

Something funny…

Ok, you do not have to lose your head all over to write something funny on the greeting card; just ask for some help from the Samaritan, again. Google some funny birthday messages you can write on the greeting card. While browsing for something funny, unexpectedly, you might even come up with something of your own! If you do, you should use that one for the body of greeting message. Well, most of these funny messages are about ageing and getting old. Here is an example.

Something funny…

You share birthday with…

Do you know any famous personalities born on the same date as your friend? Find one such famous personality, a celebrity or someone from the history books, and compare him or her with your friend. You can make it either a fun or a serious comparison. Here is an example for you. If your friend’s birthday is on October 25, you know, Pablo Picasso was born on the same date. So, you can write:

You Share Birthday With…

Common quotes and wishes…

Well, this is for people who are in a real hurry! Just scan some quotes and common birthday wishes from the internet or some books lying around and copy it down on the birthday greeting card. Easy as a pie! You might have already done this a thousand times, right? So, I reckon there is no need to say more about using quotes for birthday cards. Here is an example.

Common Quotes and Wishes

How to End

There is only one way to end a birthday greeting message and that is, ‘Happy Birthday!’ But, there are some different ways to write this short message. I mean, you can try different languages if you want. ‘Pig Latin’ is one interesting language you can try. In this language, ‘Happy Birthday’ is written as ‘Appyhay Irthdaybay’!

So, finally, this is what my birthday wish looks like on the greeting card.

Final Greeting Card


So, what does your birthday wish say? Did this post ring any bells? Share with us via comments.

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