Thinking about Giving an Expensive Gift? Read this Before You Do

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Why do you want to buy expensive gifts?

Is it because you think expensive gifts are thoughtful? Or maybe it is because you think expensive gifts make memorable gifts. 

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that none of these ideas hold any truth.  The expensive gifts are neither a thoughtful gift nor they have the makings of a memorable gift.

In this post, we will discuss the five points that will help you to rethink your decision of buying expensive gifts.

More money on gifts not equal to more love…

Gifting Expensive thing to WifeDo you think buying more expensive gifts will buy more love from the recipient? You have seen guys buying expensive gifts for their wives on occasions. But secretly, these husbands are trying to cover up some of their own mistakes. They are trying to buy love from their loved ones with these expensive gifts.

But will it work?

Let’s see an example. I have a friend who always gets expensive gifts from her uncle. Last year she got an iPad and the year before that, it was some other expensive jewellery. Of course, she loved the gifts, but there was some kind of mixed feelings in her mind.

She thinks that it would’ve been better if the money spent for those expensive gifts stayed in the bank accounts. She knows that her uncle loves her, even without these expensive gifts. Some simple gifts like a dress or home décor would’ve made her happy. According to her, she never got any expensive gifts from her mother. She always got some simple handmade or thoughtful gifts from her. And for this friend, these simple gifts represents love better than those expensive gifts her uncle gave.

So the moral of the example is that you should never try to buy love with expensive gifts. You won’t be able to. And for those husbands who try to cover up their mistakes with expensive gifts, here is a news for you. It is never going to work.

More money on gifts is not equal to memorable gifts…

Memorable GiftsA couple of years back, a group of psychologists organized a study to find out the trends and results of gift giving. The study was conducted on 237 participants who were randomly divided into two groups, gift givers and gift recipients.

The psychologists asked the first group to recollect a birthday gift that they recently gave to someone and the second group to recall a birthday gift that they received recently.

The result of the study was quite amusing. The gift givers recollected the most expensive gifts they gave recently, while the recipients hardly recollected any expensive gifts they received. All they could remember was those memorable t-shirts and CDs they have received.

The study concludes,

gift givers anticipated that recipients would appreciate more expensive gifts, but gift-recipients did not base their feelings of appreciation on how much the gift cost.

In other words, the price tag on the gift you buy doesn’t matter for a recipient. The recipients are always equally grateful to you if you give an iPod or a simple music CD. So, spending large money doesn’t make gifts memorable either. Then why would you think about buying expensive gifts?

More money on gifts is equal to more pressure on your monthly expense… 

Financial BalanceMy friend’s uncle, whom I talked about earlier, is financially very sound and strong. He can afford to throw around big money on those expensive gifts. The question is, can you? 

If you can’t afford to buy expensive gifts, don’t buy. If you do, you are putting yourself at the risk of being financially unstable. And if this happens, think about what the recipient of your expensive gift would feel? Guilt? Your loved ones would never want to see you in a financially pressed situation.

According to the same study we talked above, gift givers think that they are being more thoughtful by picking up more expensive gifts. However, the recipients never actually appreciate the profound price tags on gifts. Unless the gift is a well thought out on a personal level, no one cares about how much time and money you spent on buying the gift. So again, why would you spend large money for buying gifts when you are already under financial stress?

More money on gifts create high expectations from you…

High Expectation of GiftsExpectations can hurt. Especially when you fail to meet them. The same applies to gifting.

Consider the above example of my friend. She got a list of quite expensive gifts for her last couple of birthdays. Although she has mixed feelings about expensive gifts, somewhere in her mind, she would be expecting another one on her next birthday. But, what if her uncle fails to buy one for her? It definitely is going to hurt.

Back to your case. Your current financial situation might let you buy expensive gifts for everyone in your family. Suddenly, everyone starts expecting one of those expensive gizmos from you every time. But you may not be able to keep up this gift giving extravaganza for a long time. When that happens, your financial situation might start to strangle you. Then, you will have no other choice but to gun down this expensive habit.

But when you do gun down this habit, your giftees start feeling uneasy. They start to think that they did something wrong and they let you down in somewhere. And this won’t do good in your relationship with the giftee.

So, why would you want to pile up the expectations of your giftee, to eventually shatter the same expectation?

More money of gifts might create problems in the family… 

Building expectations is one thing that can create problems in your relationship. However, unfortunately, it is not the only problem expensive gifts create.

In the case of my friend, she gets these expensive gifts only from her uncle. Her parents or any other relative do not have the financial strength to buy expensive gifts. And this might prove to be a recipe for a rift in relationships.

Her mom and dad might feel inferior in front of those expensive gifts. They might even feel the guilt because they are not the ones buying her the expensive stuff. These twitches and tics might add up over time and can grow up to a considerable rift. So do you want that to happen?

To round off the proceedings, here is what I think about expensive gifts. Expensive gifts can never buy love. They are not memorable gifts either. All they do is add more pressure on your monthly expense and build-up the pressure of expectation on you. If that wasn’t enough for you, it even creates rifts in relationships.

What is the most memorable gift you have ever received? Was that gift expensive? What do you think about giving expensive gifts? Share your experience with us in comments.

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