Why You Should Select “Canvas Prints” For Your Wall Décor?

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Canvas Framed Art Prints

A beautiful canvas print

We all make mistakes. We make them and learn from them. Then we would try our best to avert others from doing the same.

This blog post is just that –- to help anyone not make the mistake of choosing wrong art prints.

You know, there are mainly three types of fine art prints.  The basic one printed on printing paper, the medium one printed on thick archival type paper and the high quality one printed on canvas.

Of course you could buy any of these, but if you want something spectacular, I would suggest canvas prints.

Here is why…

Canvas prints are lot more durable

When you buy something for your home, you want it to last long, right? The canvas prints are a perfect match for this purpose.

There are two types of canvas used for printing. One based on 100% cotton (similar to original canvas paintings) and a new type based on plastic compounds that are similarly durable.

Both of these are better at fighting the elements of nature and therefore last longer than normal prints on paper.

That’s not the only advantage of using canvas prints. They don’t fade like normal paper. Have you noticed regular paper turning yellow when they are long exposed to nature? Well, that takes longer with regular canvas prints and don’t happen at all with plastic based canvas prints.

So what we have learned here…canvas prints are lot more durable than paper based prints. And interestingly, just about every canvas-manufacturing company has come to same conclusion: that canvas prints have a life of 100+ years.

Canvas prints are classy

Textured Look of CanvasWould you like a classic look on your wall? Then you will definitely love the textured finish of canvas prints. They look almost like original paintings.

The canvas prints are based on advanced inkjet printing. Because of nature of printing, every canvas print has a textured look. This textured look reflects less light and as a result, you will enjoy a glare-free view similar to that of an original artwork.

Not only that, canvas prints are the highest quality of art reproductions available. The colour absorption in canvas is much better than of paper. This gives them a softer look. By using archival ink and high quality canvas, these types of art prints offer an accurate reproduction of original art.

And guess what, if you keep an original painting and canvas print side by side, you won’t quickly recognize a canvas print – it’s how perfect these are!

Larger prints are available with canvas printing

How large you want your print to be? If you are thinking about using paper prints, you may not be able to develop an art print beyond certain size. That’s because; there is a limit to how large a print can go.

For a paper print to look better, it should be of at least 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) resolution. Otherwise, your print will look pixelated.

But, you can relax this limit with canvas prints. Because of the difference in colour absorption, you can print larger sizes of canvas prints even at lower resolution.

In other words, you won’t notice any difference in quality with canvas prints printed at double the size and half the resolutions of paper prints. (Say 150 PPI in this case.)

So, if you are thinking about hanging a large fine art print, canvas prints are the ones you should buy!

It’s super easy to clean canvas prints

No matter how well you have maintained you home, dust will settle and spiders would make a mess on these prints. Then, you need to clean your fine art collection.

However, you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning a canvas print. Because, cleaning canvas prints are very easy.

Most of the canvas prints come with a kind of protective coating. This water-resistant coating layer protects the art from harmful UV rays and to a certain extent from dust and other atmospheric particles. This layer also keeps your art free from fingerprint smudges.

When you have to clean a canvas art print, you can simply use a light damp cloth or an artist brush to remove the dirt from the surface. Once cleaned, you can even dry the canvas in sun light.

But, the same would be damaging with paper-based prints, as it might dampen the paper and fade its colour. So, once again you can see that canvas prints are a better buy for your wall.

Now, it’s your turn. Would you make the mistake of buying paper-based art prints? Are you convinced that canvas prints offer better value for your money? Are there any problems with canvas prints? Share with us via comments..

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