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How to Select Art Frames

How to Properly Choose Frames for Your Art Paintings

When it comes to wall décor, what do you think is the most important task after selecting an artwork? If you answered anything other than selecting a frame, then I must tell you that you are wrong.  That’s because frame selection is as complex as art selection and is the second most important task people […]

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The Stepped Arrangement

How to Expertly Hang Art Paintings on Your Staircase Wall

Ever wanted to hang art beautifully on your staircase wall, but don’t know how? You know it’s not easy to hang art frames on a stair wall.  Hanging art on stairway requires skill — the skills to understand its inclining angle, changing viewable heights and many other things.  If you posses these skills, it’s quite […]

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Clean Art Prints

How to Clean Your Art Prints at Home

Do you get frustrated when you see dirt on art prints?  Are you worried that you might have to spend thousands of rupees on a professional cleaner to get them cleaned? You don’t need to. Because, there are many ways you could clean your art prints yourselves.  And guess what?  These methods are safe and […]

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Vinayak with Super Powers

How to Worship Right Trunk Ganesh Idols

Last week, we received an interesting comment from one of our readers.  She asked: I never knew there are Ganeshas with different sided trunks. I got a small (right trunked) one from a fair. I haven’t yet placed it anywhere in my home.  I’m worried that if I keep this idol, bad luck might happen.  […]

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Cherry Blossom Paintings

How to Select Radiant Feng Shui Flower Paintings for Your Bedroom

Years ago, my wife and I had an interesting conversation about choosing feng shui paintings.  We just had bought an apartment and were planning its interior decoration. My wife wanted orchid flower paintings and I wanted peony paintings in our bedroom. Since both of us were novice to feng shui paintings, we decided to consult with […]

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Kindle eBooks

How to Give Digital Gifts in India

Last week, one of my US friends called me and asked “how to send gifts online in india?”.  My friend wanted to give someone a digital gift this Diwali. Since digital gifts were something new to me, I decided to take up the challenge and told him that I would update him after my research. Well, […]

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