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iOS Apps to Turn Photos to Art

5 iPhone/iPad Apps to Turn Your Photos into Awesome Art

What do you think of the idea of converting your photos in to art? Then, you could use these new art pieces on Facebook or any other social network as your profile picture.  Better, you could even take prints of these artworks for your home decor. Sounds interesting, right? Well, there are some unique apps […]

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Selecting Ganesh Idol

How to Find Correct Types of Ganesh Idols for Gifting (and Home)

How many types of Ganesha idols do you know? Two? Five? Ten? You will be surprised to know that there are far more than that. Lord Ganesha idols can be classified depending on his posture, characteristics, and even the position of his trunk. When you have so much different types of Ganesha idols, how do […]

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Gifting to Group of People

How to Give Gifts to a Group of People

Imagine your friend invited you to her house on this Diwali. You agreed with no hesitation whatsoever and you are all enthusiastic about celebrating Diwali with your old time friend. Then you start to think. ‘She has a family now. She is married and has a child. Her parents also live with her. I can’t […]

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How to Wish a Keralite on the Eve of Onam

If you have some Keralite friend and you are not from Kerala, you might be wondering how to wish this Keralite friend a Happy Onam. You might be thinking about greeting cards as you do on most occasions like Christmas and Diwali. But, no, sending greeting cards is actually not an Onam tradition. Then how […]

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How to Improve Likeability?

How to Improve Likeability of Your Art Print Gift

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like?  What were the reasons for your dislike? Were you thinking about a more expensive gift? Or is it because you didn’t like the way it was presented to you? As you can see… not all gifts are winners.  For a gift to win, it somehow […]

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Gift Ganesh Idols

How to Sacredly Keep Ganesh Idols in Your Home

Did you know that you should always keep Ganesh idols at your entrance in pair? Did you also know you should avoid Ganesh idols with trunk to the right side? There are many such things you need to know before keeping Ganesh idols in your home. If you don’t follow these traditions and customs, you […]

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