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Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane

3 Fine Art Paintings You Could Always Gift to a Christian Family

Several months ago, one of my Christian friends invited me to a house warming party.  Since I was very close to her family, it was important for me to buy a gift to celebrate the occasion. But there was a problem – being a Hindu, I was clueless about Christian housewarming gifts.  What gift should […]

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Diwali Sweets

The Story of Diwali and the Significance of Gifting Sweets

Is it true that sweets are integral part of Diwali celebration?  Have you ever thought why we give sweets on Diwali?  Is this just a tradition or is there something else?  It is hard to imagine celebrating Diwali without thinking about giving sweets.  From your neighbor to your best friend, it is the must have […]

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Apple Blossoms and a Hummingbird by Martin Johnson Heade

9 Vastu Paintings for Your Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a peaceful bedroom?  But have you ever thought what makes your bedroom tranquil?  The environment and the color used for the bedroom are all contributing factors. According to Vastu, even the art used in the bedroom can change the ambience of a room. As per Vasthu Shastra, bedrooms should have paintings that […]

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The Festival of Onam and the Significance of Gifting New Clothes

Onam is the National festival of Kerala.  This is a festival of unity and is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the state. Onam is also considered a harvest festival.  According to legends, Onam celebrates the annual visit of the noble king Mahabali from the underworld ‘Pathala’. But how did Mahabali end up in Pathala? Who […]

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Home Made Coffee

How Caffeination Can Make You a Better Gift Giver

Yes, you read it right. Knowledge is everywhere. Even in a cup of coffee.  There is a lot you can learn about gifting from your habit of drinking and making coffee. From how much sugar you add to how you present the coffee, a lesson about gifting is waiting for you. But these lessons are […]

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juice makers

15 Widely Accepted Indian Housewarming Gifts

Do you know the secret to buying a widely accepted house-warming gift? It is pretty easy – just buy a gift for the entire family! Some people buy food and beverages as gift. It is for the entire family, of course, but, do they make good gifts? The thing is, food and beverages do not […]

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