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Gifts are not Equal to Presents

8 Interesting But Real Facts About Gifts

Did you know that in China and Japan, people never gift clocks? It is because clock represents ‘your time is running out’. Not an ideal gift to give, right? Well, there are many such interesting and intriguing facts about gifts that you did not know. Some of these facts can make your jaws drop out […]

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Books Gift

10 Uncomplicated Gifts That Won’t Break Your Bank

This morning when I woke up, suddenly had a thought that today is my best friend’s birthday and I have not purchased any gift yet. To add insult to injury, it’s already the month end and I won’t be having enough money left for buying an expensive gift. So what should I do? You too […]

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3 Idiots

What You can Learn about Friendship from Bollywood Movies

Bollywood and Friendship: the two things you can never separate until the end of this world. Numerous movies were produced with the theme of friendship. In fact, friendship is the second most preferred theme of bollywood movies after ‘love’. Every year, at least a dozen of movies are released with the same theme. Some of […]

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Friends on Friendship Day

10 Types of Friends and the Types of Gifts for Them

A few days back, I was talking to a friend on the phone and after the usual chit chat, she started talking about friendship day. She was conversing about buying gifts for her friends. At first, I thought, she was confused about what to buy for her friends. Then later, as the conversation kept going, […]

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Newbie Office Worker

Friendship Day: The Types of Coworkers and the Types of Gifts to Buy for Them

In your office, there is always someone to circle around your cubicle, right? Some of them keep poking you with their hilarious jokes, while others keep nagging you for help. Sometimes, you are the one nagging on others with your jokes or queries. Whatever it is, these co-workers, or quite simply, friends, make your day […]

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10 Practical Gifts for Indian Newlyweds Moving to a New Home

For every wedding, I wanted to buy something unique as a gift for the newly-weds. Something useful and practical, that newly-weds would appreciate when they move together to their new home. But the problem is, every time I start planning, my list of gift ideas goes either barren or overwhelmingly fertile! Finally, this one time, […]

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