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Empty Walls?

The Three Most Important Things Every Homeowner Must Know Before Spending Money on Wall Art

Do you have bare walls in your living room? Would you like to add art paintings?  A bare wall is like an empty sky.  It’s great to look at first, but you will soon get bored when you see nothing interesting. So what would you do? You would look elsewhere to view interesting things. And […]

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Paintings Near Entrance Door

5 Places in Your Home Where You Should Never Hang Art Paintings

Once you have bought an art painting, the next step in the ‘events chain’ is to decide the location where you want to hang it. But do you know, there are certain places in your home, where you should never hang an art painting?  If you hang an art at these locations, your painting will […]

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Canvas Framed Art Prints

Why You Should Select “Canvas Prints” For Your Wall Décor?

We all make mistakes. We make them and learn from them. Then we would try our best to avert others from doing the same. This blog post is just that –- to help anyone not make the mistake of choosing wrong art prints. You know, there are mainly three types of fine art prints.  The […]

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The Son of a Man by Rene Magritte

11 World Famous Paintings with Unusual Names

Pyramid of Skulls The American Gothic No.5, 1948 You might be wondering what all of this means. Surprisingly, these are the names given to paintings by their artists. The best thing about these names are, whenever you hear the names, you won’t quickly associate it with these paintings.  Your mind wanders and thinks them as […]

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Louise Elisabeth

10 of the Most Amazing Women Painters the World Has Ever Seen

Let us start with a small exercise. Think about 10 of the world’s greatest art painters of all time and write it down on a piece of paper. Now, try to find a woman from that list. Is there any? Maybe one or possibly none! This only proves the dominance of men in the world […]

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Madhubani Paintings

5 Interesting Facts About Madhubani Paintings You Never Knew

If you are hearing about Madhubani paintings for the first time, you might wonder, ‘Who is this Madhubani?’ Well, it is not a ‘who’; it is a ‘what’! Yes, Madhubani is a style of art painting that is still in practice in certain parts of Bihar, especially Mithila. Since this style of painting originated in […]

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