How to Decorate a Room with Nature Art

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Nature has always been man’s inspiration. Interior decorators have taken inspiration from nature to decorate homes and offices. But, decorating a room with Nature is not an easy task.

You have to comprehend the subtle meanings of nature art and blend them with other things in a room.

As an interior decorator, your aim should be to make the home or office as close to nature as possible. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while decorating a room.

Nature PaintingYour goal is to bring nature closer, even if you cannot get the real thing – If you are living in a city, you may not have had too many encounters with the beauty of nature. An art painting, on other hand, can bring the beauty of nature right to your home or office.

There are paintings available illustrating swishy waterfalls or calm mountain valleys. You will also find paintings of thick green forests or farmlands to barren deserts with glowing Sun. You could even hire some artist to make some exclusive paintings of nature; especially of places you adore.

That means, if you are decorating a room in concrete jungle, make sure you use as many different types of natural art you can. It’s amazing how a simple painting of a flower or a landscape can change the whole setting of your home or office!

Breaking Dawn PaintingsMake Sure You Use Pleasant  Art –  Always keep in mind to use paintings of ‘nature in good mood’. You can always go for a painting of rising sun, breaking dawn or a beautiful evening. But, paintings that depict ‘nature’s fury’ should be kept away.

For example, thunderstorms, earthquakes etc. The rule is somewhat the same when buying paintings of birds or animals. You might have seen paintings depicting eagle in homes and offices for interior decoration, but keeping painting of eagle can only bring bad luck for you.

Landscape PaintingsEnsure You Keep Paintings at Right Place – There is a lot in our traditional science of architecture, ‘Vastu shastra’, that interior decorators use. Most of the paintings Vastu talks about are paintings of nature.

Apart from specifying the art paintings and pictures you should and shouldn’t use in houses, the ‘Shastra’ also tell the significance of placing these paintings at the right spot. According to Vastu, if paintings are placed at the right place, it can bring good fortunes and if not, it could block the good things that are likely to happen for you.

Sun Flower PaintingNever Forget that Paintings Influence Your Emotions – It is a fact; art paintings can affect emotions. You will get a vibe of freshness and joy when looking at the famous “Vase with 12 sunflowers” by Van Gogh. But, is that the same feeling you get when you look at ‘The Scream’ by Edward Munch? Of course not!

This means, a painting can inflict emotion to the people living around. So, when decorating a house or office with paintings, always go for ones that carry a positive feeling with it.

Magic of ColorsMake Use of Magic of Colours – These is something an interior decorator often overlook – the effect of color on human minds.

Colors can work magic on anyone. Some colors can make you feel good, while some others can really worsen your mood.

Think about yellow, color of a warm sun. Yellow is associated with energy. Paintings with yellow shades can lift up your mood. Although too much red is not recommended, it is a color associated with strength and confidence. When it comes to blue, it is a color that is said to have a calming effect on human minds.

So, it should be clear that the art paintings you pick should go with the whole setting of the house, but, at the same time, intended to make life better for those living there. It just takes a little searching to find paintings like these. Put your brains on it and you are sure to hit the sweet note.

Now, it’s your turn. What type of Natural Art do you prefer for your home? Can you use same type of Natural art on different rooms? Share your opinions with us.

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