Do You Make these 8 Mistakes When You Gift?

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Admit it!  We all want to be a great gift giver.  A gift giver who is known to pick the right gifts.  A gift giver, whom friends admire and relatives envy for being the best.

But how can we become such a great gift giver?

We all can, if we know the secret of great gift givers – the secret of understanding the common gift giving mistakes. Once you learn this, you can be sure that you won’t gift something useless to anyone.

Frequently Happening Gifting Mistakes

Gifting without Thinking

Mistake #1 – Gifting without Understanding the Prospect: Someone said, ‘the best gift for the present US President might be an uninterrupted week of good news!’ They said this because they knew exactly what The President, needed. The point here is that you need to understand what the recipient really needs or likes. If the gift is something they don’t really like, it’s likely to end up on the shelf; never to be seen again.

While buying gifts for your friends, spend some time to find their interests. Use social media websites like Facebook to understand more about them. Dig deep into their Facebook profile. Look at the ‘interests’ they have ‘liked’ on Facebook. Look for something interesting that you can turn in to a gift. Try to understand whether that friend already owns the gift you are planning to buy.

Common Gifts

Mistake #2 – Buying Common Gifts: Good old gifts like kitchen utensils, stuffed animal etc. never work because they are very common. Buy something unique. Something that is only available in your town and not in your friend’s locality.

If you are unable to come up with something unique, try personalized gifts. Gifts such as personalized photo mugs, photo greeting cards engraved sculptures etc.

If personalized gifts are also beyond the bounds of possibility, create something unique by yourself. For example, a painting, handmade home décor etc.

Material Things vs Experiences

Mistake #3 – Gifting Material things Instead of Experiences: Everyone seems to forget one thing while choosing gifts; it is not the actual gift that matters, it’s what the gift tells the recipient that matters. The gift has to stay with them for a long time. So, why don’t you gift your friend with something that will stay with them forever – memories. Take them on a trip to a nice place where you can enjoy some adventures too. An amusement park also works! Make the trip special so that your friend will always keep it in memory.

Kid Friendly Products

Mistake #4 – Giving Non-Kid Friendly Products: When buying gifts for a family, do not forget to consider the children. The gift needs to be ‘child-proof’. Gifts with sharp edges or gifts that are fragile do not fit into the ‘child-proof’ category. Choose something that will not harm the kid but, at the same time, is useful.


Gifting Gadgets

Mistake #5 – Giving Electronic Gadgets: These days, a gift means some kind of an electronic gadget, especially among youngsters. But, is it a good thing to gift gadgets? It might be, for people who are crazy about gadgets. For the majority of others, gadgets do not make ‘cool’ gifts. These gadgets are not exactly what we call ‘memorable’. A couple of days later, these gadgets can die young. Another couple of days and it will be a forgotten gift. But, most importantly, they do not ‘say’ anything to your friend.

Gift Cards


Mistake #6 – Buying Gift Cards: People buy gift cards when they are run out of time or when they are confused about the gift they want to buy. But, did you know that this is the single most gift that people hate?

Majority of gift vouchers are limited to use at particular shop from where you bought them initially. As a result, the recipient has to visit the store to purchase a gift. Many of these cards have expiration dates too. So if you do not use these cards in the suggested time frame, you will lose your money.

Once you get to understand the problems of gift cards, you will know, giving cash is a far better alternative. So, cut off ‘gift vouchers’ from the list of gift ideas. It’s not even an idea, it’s just an escape route!

Gifting Edible Products

Mistake #7 – Gifting Edible Products: Why would someone gift edibles on a special occasion? Because, they are the easiest of gifts. You can buy edible from any store in your locality. They are cheap and are available everywhere. Most times, it will be some packet of chocolates or any other special edibles you find in some supermarket. You know what this ‘packet of chocolates’ tell your friend? The gift is a last minute purchase! And this never goes well with anyone.


Mistake #8 – Re-Gifting: We saved the worst for last: re-gifting! Never gift anything you already own or something you received as a gift. This gives out an impression that you are getting rid of something you don’t need. You might be doing it with good intentions, but when your recipient comes to know about the truth, this is going to affect your reputation. So, never re-gift.

Now that you know what not to gift, you can be sure that none of your recipient ever despises the gift you buy for them. You have become a gifting super-star!

Now a question to you. Did you make any of these gifting mistakes? What would be your reaction if someone gives you a gift that falls in any of the above. Will you tell them about these common gifting mistakes? Share your view with us.

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