Environmentally Friendly Ways to Gift at Indian Wedding

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Did you know that around 5 trillion plastic bags are made every year, all over the world? Only 1% of this plastic menace makes their way back to the recycling plants! Unfortunately, the remaining 99% is left out in the open, causing nothing but destruction to nature.

In India, one of the occasions of heavy plastic usage is weddings.

Indian Wedding

People use plastic food plates, glasses, decorations and whatnot, during these plush weddings. The guests also contribute to this plastic pollution by gifting plastic. Plastic flower vases, kitchen utensils, table lamps and clocks are just to name a few. If you want to do something different to lessen this ‘plastic burden’ on Mother Nature, here is one thing you can do: buy only environment friendly gifts. By asking you to buy eco-friendly gifts, we did not mean not only green gifts but also the different ways you can gift without affecting much on Mother Nature.

Handicrafts & AntiquesAntiques & Handicrafts: Antiques can bring both surprise and delight on anyone’s face, in a flash. These antiques evoke the past memories and stand as a testimony to a rich tradition of our country. Gifting these antiques is considered eco-friendly for three main reasons. One, they are built to last and will reduce the need for buying anything new for a long time. Two, you can always reuse these antiques, one way or the other. And three, they can be recycled, to cause little harm to nature.

Indian PortraitA Beautiful Portrait: Another eco-friendly gift you can try this wedding season is portraits. A hand-drawn portrait-painting as a gift can enchant anyone and can be a great addition to anyone’s home as well.

There are two main reasons for why portraits make high quality eco-friendly gifts. One, nothing used in the making of a portrait painting, including the canvas and the paints, can possibly cause any harm to the environment. Two, they can be used for home décor, which reduces the need for any additional spending on any possibly environmentally harmful home décor products. To make this portrait even more beautiful and durable, add a wooden frame to it before you gift.

Jute BagFashion Accessories: Did you know that the production of leather bags and accessories contribute heavily to global warming? It is true and products made of leather can never be an eco-friendly option for gifting. Is there a replacement for the famous leather bags, leather sandals and other accessories? Yes, there is.

Instead of these leather accessories, you can buy bags made of jute, cloth et al. and sandals made of recycled materials. These ‘natural’ fashion accessories can compete with the products made of leather, both in terms of quality and durability. By choosing products made of recycled and natural materials as wedding gifts, you are also being part of a large cause, saving nature.

Wooden ClocksGreen Home Décor: Today, home décor products rule the kingdom of wedding gifts. To make things eco-friendly, you just have to give these home décor gifts a little twist by adding the green factor to it. Instead of buying plastic flower vases, buy flower vases made of recycled glass or those made of natural materials like wood, bamboo etc. Instead of buying clocks made of plastic materials, buy clocks made of wood. They are eco-friendly and look ravishing too. Always a great combination for wedding gifts!

Green Gift WrapGreen Gift-wrapping Paper: Here is a final suggestion for you. Use recycled or reusable gift-wrap paper for gift-wrapping. If you can turn a little bit creative, you can use even a simple newspaper leaf to gift-wrap. You can also use old calendars to gift-wrap. The whole point is, just avoid using plastic gift-wrapping paper and ribbons you buy from shops. They can hurt nature more than you think.

Old habits die-hard. But, sometimes, you have to kill your habits rather than waiting for it to die. So, from this wedding season, make sure that the gift you buy for some newly-wed couple is ‘green’ and do your bit to protect environment.

So which green gift would you choose for the next wedding you attend? Do you have any other green gift ideas that you can share with us? Have your say in the comments.

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