Ever Thought Why Some Paintings are so Expensive? Here is the Answer

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Have you ever wondered why some paintings are sold for huge sums of money? While similar quality ones and sold for meager amounts?

Recently, ‘The Card Players’ by Paul Cezanne was sold for more than $250 million! What could be the factor that makes these paintings worth all this money?

Well, it’s not just any single factor that makes these paintings expensive. Rather, it’s a combination of many factors. If you want to know what these factors are, keep reading.

Artist at WorkThe Artist – One of the biggest, if not the biggest, factors that make prices of paintings sway in one direction is the artist behind the painting. Have you ever heard of Picasso or Cezanne painting sold for less than million dollars? Probably not! This is the kind of an impact that name of an artist can have on the price tag. The demand for paintings by celebrated artist has also contributed in making their art expensive.

For example, there are only less than 30 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci remaining today. Now, who doesn’t want to own a Da Vinci painting! This, in turn, causes the price of these paintings to go up. This is why, when some paintings by world famous artists turn up for auctions, attracts so many eyes. In some cases, works of an artist became popular only after his or her death. Works of artists like Frida Kahlo, Amrita Sher-Gil etc are examples.

Quality of Art WorkThe Quality of Work – This is not something that is applicable for paintings from famous artists. They already have the reputation of being the best. The quality of work comes under scrutiny in the case of paintings by lesser known artists or artists who are trying to paint their name in books of history. They way an idea is developed, manner in which it is depicted, technique used for portraying the idea and all that matters. Some artists manage to achieve this quality and this is when the paintings become expensive.

Painting MaterialsMaterials Used and Time Period – The price of a painting might also depends on the time period during which it was created. A painting made in the 16th century is likely to cost much more than art paintings of the modern day.

When it comes to art paintings, even the materials used for the painting can affect the price. The canvas used, paints and so forth can directly affect the price of a painting. It is also noted that thickness of paint can also affect prices. Some art paintings use minimum amount of colors while others use thick layer of paints. This could reflect directly on the amount displayed on the price tag.

Style of PaintingStyle of Art – The style of art painting and its price are pretty closely related, especially in today’s art market. If you take the example of Indian art market, you will see, the abstract paintings are expensive than any other style of art painting. There is a whole lot of painting styles and traditions followed in India, but none of them is as expensive as abstract art paintings. However, this is something that can change and, maybe tomorrow, art market will swing in favour of surrealism paintings.

The fact is, today’s expensive paintings may not attract the same kind of money tomorrow and vice versa. For someone who is interested in investing in art paintings, a slice of luck can always come handy.

Can you come up with any other reason why art paintings are so expensive? For you, what is the most valuable thing about an art painting? Is it the artist, quality or the style and mediums used? Share your opinion with us in comments.

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6 Responses to “Ever Thought Why Some Paintings are so Expensive? Here is the Answer”

  1. Paintings are not works of art.The are tax fiddles for the rich and famous.The prices put on so called works of art are no more than investments which no ordinary person can have shares in.Ask yourself WHO determines what price art and what set of criteria is used.Difficult eh? Like all things in life you create a myth then perpetuate this myth by foul means.

  2. joseph savarino Reply May 13, 2015 at 2:00 am

    all works of art are illusions of reality and relative to financial disposition… ask a starving man what is essential at this very moment !

  3. Pls dont think that art is only appreciated by rich, since many great artists in history died poor.

  4. This stuff is so dumb it ps not about rich people it suppose to be about art not how people r rich who ever made this article

  5. they are expensive because they cannot be

  6. You are an idiot and you know nothing about paintings or about art. You should educate yourself before you publish.

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