6 Exciting Experiences You can Gift Your Loved Ones to Avoid Gifting Fatigue

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Do you know the difference between experience gifts and material gifts?

It’s like the difference between a great movie and a good movie.  Experience gifts are like those great ones, they are exciting and exhilarating!  You would rush to the cinemas to watch these movies again. On the other hand, material gifts are like the good movies.  It’s good, but not that exciting.

What happens if people start to feel their gifts are less exciting – you get gifting fatigue. And that is not good. You need to give something exciting to your loved ones, you need to switch gears and start gifting something similar to these six experiences.

A day at the favorite place

Favourite Place

Everyone has a favorite place. A place where she like to visit quite often. Get to know about this ‘favorite place’ of your loved one and on the day that matters, take a ride with her down to that place.

If you are wondering how to get to know about ‘the place’, it’s easy. You just have to start a conversation about trips and places you would like to visit. She will spill the beans eventually.

In most cases, this so-called ‘favorite spot’ will be somewhere near where she lives. On the day of gifting, take them on a ride to this place and, remember, it should be a surprise for her. If it is her birthday or anniversary, this is one of the best ‘experiences’ you can gift.

A day for adventures

Theme Park

A trip down to the ‘favorite place’ is definitely a memorable gift. If you are wondering if there is anything more memorable, the answer is, ‘yes, there is’! Adventure trips.

Have you ever thought about taking your friend or your loved one on an adventure trip? It will be fun. It will be venturous. And it will be memorable.

Even watching an adventurous movie like ‘Indiana Jones’ is a memorable experience. If so, just imagine how memorable a trip like this will be! You do not have to go on a search for some ‘crystal skull’ or ‘holy grail’ to make the trip memorable. Take your love for trekking on the hills or skiing on ice or jet skiing on water.

A visit to some ‘theme park’ also counts as an adventure trip, just for the kind of excitement it offers. Already sounds thrilling, right?

A day at the cinemas

A Day at Cinemas

The best thing about celebrating special occasions at the cinemas is that you can either keep it simple and romantic or make it exciting and a blast.

You can walk into the cinema hall with your loved one to have a calm and romantic evening. Watch movies like ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ or ‘Shakespeare in Love’. On the other hand, if you want to have a blast, grab a bunch of tickets for some extreme action or thriller movies. Some bizarrely funny movies will also work.

Today, some multiplex movie theaters offer bulk bookings for celebrating special occasions with your friends and family. This is something else you can try to make the celebrations more ‘exclusive’.

A visit to religious places


You do not actually need a reason to visit temples, churches or mosques. However, when you have a reason, make sure you do not blink at it.

Visits to religious places like these will always bring bliss to your life. You can pay a visit to nearby churches and temples or take a ride to some famous pilgrim centers a bit far from your home. To make the trip more blissful, take the whole family along with you. On the way, you can make a couple of stops at some tourist attraction spots too!

Weekend getaways

Weekend Getaways

Weekend getaways are perfect mini-gifts for your loved ones. You might be all-busy during the weekdays with work and may not get a chance to ‘celebrate’ the special occasion. So, on the weekend, pick a new place to visit or travel to one of your favorite places. It does not have to be a place where you have to catch a place to reach! These weekend getaway spots are usually 4 to 5 hours of drive from your hometown. Enjoy the weekend and we are pretty sure they never fade from your memories.

A surprise party

A Surprise Party

This one is a classic gift. Surprise parties are concepts of the ‘80s and ‘90s. But, the fact is, it can still surprise anyone. Imagine your loved one coming back from work and opening the door to a surprise party! It never gets old, right?

However, it does take a bit of preparation and sneaking around to throw this ‘surprise party’. If you are up for it, this is the perfect way to make a memorable day for your loved one.

See, gifting an experience is always exciting and easy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your gift. But remember, the element of surprise makes all these experiences special. Make sure you wrap the experience with surprise.

What is the one experience gift you gave your loved one? What is the most memorable experience gift you received? Do you have any other exciting idea for an experience gift? Share with us in the comments.

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