How to Expertly Hang Art Paintings on Your Staircase Wall

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Ever wanted to hang art beautifully on your staircase wall, but don’t know how?

You know it’s not easy to hang art frames on a stair wall.  Hanging art on stairway requires skill — the skills to understand its inclining angle, changing viewable heights and many other things.  If you posses these skills, it’s quite easy to hang art on stair walls.

But if you don’t, then your art arrangement will look awkward and you’ll regret your idea of keeping art on stair walls.

So, if you are new to this or lack ideas to install art skilfully on your stair wall, this blog post is for you.  In this post, we tell you three simple and straightforward ways to hang wall frames on a stairway.

And guess what?  You don’t need to be a geometric genius to use these methods!

#1 – The Stepped Arrangement

This is the most stylish arrangement among all art display ideas. In this method, you just have to copy the stair pattern on your wall.

There are no rules on how many paintings you need.  You can go with any number of paintings, provided they don’t exceed the number of stairs.

If you would like to hang equal number of art (as the number of stairs), then you have to make sure the frames are at least 2 to 3 inches shorter than stair breadths.  Otherwise, there won’t be enough breathing space between the frames.

Here is how you arrange this way:

The Stepped Arrangement

The Stepped Arrangement

Step#1 – Measure the total wall length.

Step#2 – Then divide the total length by number of paintings. You will get a number (say “X”), which is the maximum available space we can use for each frame.

Step#3 – Now, we have to mark the horizontal reference point for each frame. (See figure) These reference points later help us to determine the centre point of each frame.

Here is how you find it: with this simple formula. Y= X (n-0.5), where “n” is the number of frame and “Y” is the distance from the left end of wall.

Say, if you are trying to find reference point of 3rd frame, replace n with 3. So Y = 2.5 X. You need to measure this from the left end of the wall (see figure).  Similarly, you can find all other reference points.

Step#4 – In this step, we will find the exact centre points of each frame.  To get this, you need to measure through previously marked reference points.

From the floor’s bottom, touching individual reference points, calculate the centre points at 60” (150 cms) height. These are the locations where you should hang your art for a balanced look.

You should also remember that this arrangement looks beautiful only if you use similar sized frames. If you have different sized frames, you need to use next method.

 #2 – Follow the Stair Model

In the previous arrangement, we saw we need several frames for an outstanding look. Suppose, you don’t have that many frames. What would you do?

Well, then you can employ this method.  It’s easier, and you can use this approach if you have different sized frames.

Let’s say, instead of 5 paintings in above example, we only have 3 frames. One is a landscape painting and other is a bigger one.  How could we arrange these frames?  Here is how.

Follow the Stair Model

Follow the Stair Model


Step#1 –Find out the total length of the wall.

Step#2 – Mark the absolute center of wall. Then, with this point as reference point, measure the centre point on the wall at 60” from floor. This is where we will hang our bigger frame.

Step#3 – Now, mark two equally distant points on either side of this center point. Make sure, you have separated these reference points adequately so that there is enough space to hang other two frames.

Step#4 – Now, with these as reference points, find out the center points at 60” height.  If your other two frames are similar, you can hang them at these points. Otherwise, you have to make small adjustments for a balanced look.

Step#5 – If the frames are of different sizes, you may have to move these centre points sideways (towards center frame), to equally space frames.  (See figure)

By using this method, you can arrange art on stairways with less number of frames or different sized frames.  Now, let’s look how we can arrange frames in groups.

#3 Arrange in Groups 

If you have large walls or long stairways, then it makes sense to use groups of frames for an elegant look.

In this arrangement, you could use either similar frames or different sized frames.

In this method, we will first put together groups of frames and then arrange these groups over the staircase wall.

For a balanced look, ensure all frames in a group are equally spaced.

When you hang groups of frames, you need to treat the frames in a group as one big frame, and measure its length and breadth. You also have to measure the center of the group. This centre should align with the centre point we later mark on the walls.

Here is how you arrange in groups.

Arrangements in Groups

Arrangement in Groups

Step#1 – First, create the group in the way you like.  Measure its length and breadth.

Step#2 – Measure the total length of wall.

Step#3 – Calculate how many groups you could hang on the wall. To get this number, divide wall length by group’s breadth.

Please remember to add 2-4 inches to breadth while calculating this. Otherwise, there won’t be any breathing space between groups.

Step#4 – Divide length of wall with total number of groups. You will get a length (say X), which will be the maximum available space for each individual group.

Step#5 – Find out the reference points for each group. To get this, use the same simple formula Y = X(n-0.5), where “X” is the value we calculated in previous step. “n” is the number of group (nth group) and “Y” is the distance from left end of wall.

Step#6 – Here, we will mark the center points of each group.  You have to measure 60” from stair floor through each reference points to get these points. Then, hang each group at these center points.

That’s it!  I know its lot steps, but if you follow the steps outlined above, you will end up with a beautifully decorated staircase wall that no one could resist!

Your Turn

How many paintings would you like to see on your stair wall?  How do you like to group your paintings?  What other arrangement ideas would you like to see on your stair wall?  Share your comments with us.

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