Feng Shui Art – Paintings that Attract Positive Energy

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Do you think a simple painting can bring luck or make good things happen in your life?

If you ask a Chinese Feng Shui believer, the answer will always be ‘yes’!

But how is that possible? How can some simple brush strokes and combination of colors bring good luck to your life?

Well, this is what Feng Shui has been dealing with for centuries. Let’s take a look at Feng Shui a bit more closer.

Feng Shui: What Exactly is It?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, means “Wind and Water”. This science is all about decorating your life with what they call, ‘Chi’, or positive energy. In the words of Feng Shui artist, Chi is “The Dragon’s Cosmic Breath”. Feng Shui is the practice of modifying your environment, so that “chi” flows smoothly creating a harmony. According to Feng Shui, paintings are not just about decorating your home. It is about decorating your life.

You might be familiar with the good old Indian ‘Vastu Shastra’. The basic principle of Feng Shui is somewhat the same. Both believe that humans are connected to the space we occupy.

Lines and Colors in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Color

The Feng Shui design uses curves more than straight lines and uses diverse colors to generate effects. According to Feng Shui, positive energy travels in a curve and negative energy travels in a straight line. The subject of Feng Shui paintings are mostly landscapes and still life. Feng Shui paintings that resemble abstract style of art are also common today.

Everything you see in a Feng Shui painting has its significance. Even the colors used in the Feng Shui art are significant in many ways. Each color is believed to represent one of the five elements: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. For example, the colors red and orange represents fire, and are known to boost energy. Likewise, blue or black is related to water and represents abundance. Brown and green are related to wood and represents health and wealth.

The Five Elements of Nature

The Five Elements of Nature

The five elements – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood – are also said to be the phases through which the ‘Chi’ moves. The energy that these elements represent can be used in two ways, as productive or destructive energy. Destructive energy the energy associated with a particular element, which can be used to bring down the effects caused by another element in the group. In the same way, excess energy of one element can be used to produce effects of another element.

The productive energy works in a cycle. Water produces wood, wood produces fire, fire produces earth, earth produces metal and to complete the cycle, metal produces water. To destruct the over dominance of certain elements, other elite elements in the group are used. Wood burdens earth, earth blocks water, water douses fire, fire melts metal and metal chops wood.

Bagua in Feng Shui

Bagua in Feng Shui

Another concept involved with Feng Shui is ‘Bagua’. Lo Shu Square, also known as magic square, and Bagua map comes under this part. In Bagua map, each area corresponds to a particular color and attribute to a certain facet of life. Black is for career, blue for skill, green for family, purple for prosperity, red for fame, pink for relationships, white for creativity, gray for travel and yellow for health. So, once you position certain objects at places where they are supposed to be, luck will come at you with no hesitation.

The ‘Lucky’ Paintings

Koi Pond

Since Feng Shui is closely related to nature, it’s not that hard to find a perfect theme for painting. Yet, there are some famous subjects for Feng Shui paintings that are said to attract more ‘Chi’. For example, ‘Koi Pond’. It is a painting of a number of Koi fishes, red and orange in color, circling in a pond. The water, most times, is painted with blue color. But sometimes green is also used.

The koi fish represents fire and energy. Water is said to influence finance, health and abundance. In short, you get most of the things you want in just one painting. What else can you ask for!

Feng Shui HorsesHorses are another favorite theme for Feng Shui painting. These paintings can bring good luck in your life in no time at all. Paintings of birds, flowers etc are also said to have the same effect.

Now you might have an idea about how simple brush strokes and combination of colors can invite luck to your life. You can even get your own custom Feng Shui painting considering your needs and astrological data.

Do you have any Feng Shui wall paintings in your home? If yes, share your thoughts on how it brought positive energy to your home and life.

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