Framed Fine Art or Stretched Canvas Prints: Which Wall Art Should You Buy?

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‘Should I use framed wall art or Stretched Canvas Prints?

Almost every art lover and home decorator is troubled with this same question.

The answer is, ‘all of that depends on your personal taste and preference’. But, we can lend you a hand by listing out the good, the bad and the ugly of both types of wall art.

Framed Wall Art 

Framed Art

The Good – Let us start with framed wall art, the good first. If you are looking to give your home or room a traditional feel, hanging a framed piece of art is the best option. The wooden frame and the rustic feel of a framed wall art can bring a touch of tradition to any home. You can even choose the colour or style of frame that suits your room environment. This is, you can choose a frame that blends with the paint and the furniture used in the room. The result would be a dramatic improvement in the aesthetics of your home.

Now, moving on from the tradition and beauty of a framed art, let us talk about another great advantage of framing, safety and protection. An art painting can sometimes be as delicate as a rose. And without thorns, a rose flower is always in danger of being plucked. A frame can provide the same kind of protection to art paintings as thorns provide a rose flower.

So many things can affect the durability of an art painting. For example, dust, moisture, sunlight etc. Sunlight and moisture can drain the colour used in the painting. It can make the painting either fuzzy or faded. An extra protection in the form of a frame can also help to keep the edges of the canvas from being shred away.

If you got kids in your home, they might find an art painting interesting and contribute something of their own towards that piece of art. If you do not want this to happen, getting a framed wall art would be the best option.

The Problems – So, we talked about ‘the good’ of framed wall art. Now it is time to look at the bad and ugly sides. To start with, it can cost extra money to get the painting framed. Nevertheless, spending this extra buck or two might prove totally worth it. On glassed frames, if the lighting is not properly used, the glare and reflection from the glass can hinder the view of art painting. This is something you can take care of by hanging the painting at right place and using the right amount of lighting. However, the biggest challenge is to choose the right frame. To find the right frame that goes with your home or office, it takes a bit of heavy searching from your part.

Stretched Canvas 

Stretched Canvas Art

The Advantages – Stretched canvas is an alternative to using framed wall art. There will be neither any wooden or plastic frame nor any border around the art painting. This means more focus on the art itself. It can also blend into the wall with little difficulty.

When it comes to extremely large sized art paintings, opting for stretched canvas is the ideal thing to do. A large painting with a larger frame may not look that appealing on the wall. It is not like there is no frame involved in stretched canvas. It’s just that you won’t see the frame. The actual painting is stretched around this wooden or plastic frame. An interior designer can go creative in the use of stretched canvas by displaying it in multi-panel.

The Bad – We already talked about how stretched canvas can blend into the wall. But, this might sometimes work against the artwork. A framed wall art can beef up the art painting with some added touch, but with nothing to amplify the art, a stretched canvas might look blunt on the wall. Another disadvantage of using stretched canvas is that there is no real protection for the painting against dust, sunlight, moisture and even impish kids. In another words, it is like a rose flower with no thorns protecting it.

When it comes down to making the decision, it is all up to ones’ personal taste whether to choose stretched canvas or framed wall art. Some people like to go the traditional yet stylish way, while others tend to go with more modern and innovative approach. Now that you know all about the good, the bad and the ugly of art paintings, which way would you go?

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