Friendship Day Gifts: Five Places Where You can Learn More about your Friend

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Friendship day is just around the corner. A day dedicated to celebrating friendship; the day everyone reaches out to their friends with smiles and joy. The day, you give gifts to tell them how special they are! But, if you want to buy useful gifts, you have to know your friend better, more than you do now, right? Well, there are some places where you can learn more about your friend and that is what you will read in this article. Places where you can collect clues, put them together and find what your friend’s interests are.

1. Social Media Sites:

facebookSocial media is an exciting place to hangout with friends. In fact, these social media websites are so addictive that it can hook you to its ‘news feeds’, ‘tweets’ and ‘circles’ for hours or even days! Every bloke is busy on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, day and night, posting and tweeting. Yes, you, your friend and I included. You will ‘like’, share and comment on pages and posts that you find interesting. You get regular updates about such social media activities of your friend too. To be honest, sometimes, these posts just annoy me!

Ironically, these annoying and irritating social media activities of your friend can help you to learn more about her! Here is how.

How it Helps: What your friend shares on these social media pages will have something to do with his or her interest. For example, someone who is crazy about computer games can never keep scrolling down without sharing the new ‘Assassins Creed’ trailer! Someone who is mad about cars is sure to like the ‘Fast and Furious’ fan page on Facebook or other social media. Someone who loves to look good in clothing will share the latest fashion trends. This is what’s going to help you to know your friend better. Login to the social media, the one where your friend is most active, and take a look at the ‘pages’ he or she ‘liked’. From these ‘Likes’, you will get to know whether your friend is a ‘car person’ or a ‘Disney princess person’! Is the puzzle starting to make sense now? By the way, don’t forget to keep a close watch on his comments, status updates and tweets too. The opinions and likes of your friend are usually reflected in these updates.

2. While Shopping with Friends

Shopping with FriendsShopping with friends is always a fun experience. But, have you ever noticed what your friend normally do once they are in the store? Suppose it is an apparel and clothing store. She will keep searching for a dress until they find something agreeable to their taste. This includes the colour, style and even the price of the clothing. Once everything comes together in a single product, that is the one he or she takes home. I didn’t miss any part, did I?

Now, the question is, how can you use this shopping experience to your advantage, when it comes to buying gifts for this Friendship Day. Here is how.

How it Helps: What can you possibly learn about your friend from his weekend shopping habits! First of all, you get to watch her choose his favorite color and style of clothing. Right there, you get to learn about your friend’s choice of color and the colors she hate. So, next time, you won’t at least buy a black t-shirt for her! Another thing you get to know is her spending habits. You can learn how much money is too much and too less to your friend. Once you know this price range, it becomes easy for you to buy a Friendship Day gift for her. See how something as simple as shopping with your friend helps in learning more about her? Surprising, right?

3. Visiting Friend’s House

Visiting Friend’s HouseYou do visit your friend’s house quite often, right? But, what exactly do you do there? If you ask me, I usually have a small chat with my friend’s parents and after that, walk straight into his room. Next thing I know, my fingerprints are all over the place, trying to reach out for anything I find in his room! This pretty much sums up what I do at my friend’s house and I guess this is your side of story too. Again, the question is, what in the world does visiting your friend’s house has to do with learning more about him! Here is your answer.

How it Helps: First of all, talking with his parents will tell you a lot more than what you already know about your friend. Of course, you had that experience before! Some of these unknown trivia facts about your friend can lead you to the gift you need to buy on this Friendship Day. Now, when you are busy stamping fingerprints all over your friend’s room, you will get to know things he already have. So, you can strike those things off your list, already. Your friend might also spill some beans and tell you about something he wish to have or something he hopes to get for his birthday. Right there, it’s mission accomplished!

4. Photo Albums

Photo AlbumsI have a friend on my Facebook friend’s list, who always keeps adding photos and videos of cartoons and comic characters. And if I ever have to buy a Friendship Day gift for him, I know exactly where I am going to bet my bucks on! This friend of yours might also have one such addiction. Maybe it is cars or jewellery. Whatever it is, you will get to know about this from their photo albums, online or offline.

How it Helps: The fact is, you can learn a lot about your friend by exploring his photo albums, online and offline. Check for things that appear most redundantly in his photos: cars, bikes, jewelry, accessories and whatnot. This will give you a better idea of the interests of your friend. By the way, photography could be another thing your friend finds interesting. Once you learn these interests, buying gifts just becomes easier and easier, doesn’t it?

5. Habits & Hobbies

Habits & HobbiesDo you have any friends who live, eat and sleep gym? I have, not one, many! For some chaps, life happens inside the gym. Well, there are some others, who live and eat movies! They just wait for the some movie to be out in the theatres to watch it. Your friend will also have one such activity or hobby. It could be gym, it could be movies, it could be travelling or it could be anything. Don’t worry about learning about this hobby of your friend, he will be always bragging about it!

How it Helps: If you spot any such hobbies of your friend, rest assured, your job is half-complete. All you have to do now is buy something that will complement his so-called hobby. Last year, I gave a pair of basketball shoes to one of my friend, who is completely addicted to playing basketball. After he opened the gift, he sounded like that was the best gift he ever received!

In this article, we talked about some interesting  places to learn more about your friend. So, next time you login to Facebook or Twitter, remember, clues are all around the place. When you go out for shopping with your friend, remember, keep a close watch on him. When you visit your friend’s house, talk to his parents. Don’t forget to check out his photo albums and understand more about his ‘extra curricular’ activities either. Everything you find at these places is a clue that will lead you to buying that one useful gift for your friend.

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