Friendship Day: The Types of Coworkers and the Types of Gifts to Buy for Them

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In your office, there is always someone to circle around your cubicle, right? Some of them keep poking you with their hilarious jokes, while others keep nagging you for help. Sometimes, you are the one nagging on others with your jokes or queries. Whatever it is, these co-workers, or quite simply, friends, make your day at office special and less trouble. On this friendship day, let us celebrate with some cool gifts for your hipster co-workers. But, not every friend at your office is the same and not every gift can bring a smile on their face. Here are the different types of co-workers you will come across in your friendly office life and the types of gifts you can buy for each of them.

Hardworking Office WorkerThe Hard Workers: These are the guys who work their socks off for the good of the workplace. They are dedicated and, most times, they are the ones who feel the real ‘pressure from work’. This hard-working bloke may not be the first friend you make at the office, but will not be the last one either. When it comes to buying gifts for this ‘work-their-socks-off’ friend on this friendship day, buy something that will help him or her relax a bit: something that will take the pressure a bit off him.

Clueless CreaturesThe Clueless Creatures: Every office has one such co-worker who is completely baffled by even the easiest of procedures. At times, you might have to explain something to him eighteen times and still, his eyes will be tripping of ‘cluelessness’! But, admit it, it is fun watching the clueless guy with his head in the clouds! On this friendship day, buy this ‘clueless friend’ something simple, which will be helpful for him at work and outside the office. A dummies guide just about anything would be an ideal gift for them.

Sensitive Office WorkerThe Sensitive Blubber: The sensitive coworker’s everyday at office is more tragic than the most tragic opera! He or she just let their emotions fill their office cubicle and, incidentally, pass it on to others. This friend of yours will be blubbering at everything from a lost pen to a bad coffee machine! You will always end up helping this sensitive office friend, sometimes just to stop them turning to an intolerable complainer. But, if you buy a friendship day gift for this melodramatic sensitive guy or gal, there will be no complains, just smiles. Buy something with a personal touch for this sensitive guy to touch his pool of emotions.

Office HeroesThe Office Heroes: This guy, literally, is the hero at your office. He is the knowledge base at the office and everybody seems to enjoy his company, including you. And sometimes, everyone envies him for the ease at which he get things done. But trust me, he is the friend you need at the office. He can help you out with the projects and tough procedures. Maybe he has already done that a couple of times! So, the question of what to buy this hero at office might make you stray around the streets. Well, try some eco friendly gifts, or some personalized ones, for this office hero on this friendship day.

The PartierThe Partier: If there is a party in the office, this is the guy who will be leading the karaoke. On workdays, he comes late to the office and runs around from one cubicle to another, making friendly talks. And yes, he wont shy away from making a fool out of himself, just to see others laughing. You always love to be around this ‘party guy’ and you never feel his antics getting old. On this friendship day, buy some hip or fun gifts for this guy. The ‘fun’ part is definitely going to pump him up!

Funny Office WorkerThe Funny Person: This might seem to be just another avatar of the party guy, but he is not. The funny friend at office here, is more of a prankster, the hilarious kind. He makes your life at office bit more relaxed with his jokes and pranks on others, and sometimes on you. But still, this friend is a blessing at the boring office hours. Now, about buying gifts for this friend, buy some funny gifts or simple prank gifts. He too will love the idea of a small prank on him, at times! Don’t you think?

Fashionable Office WorkersThe Fashion Canvas: There is always a fashion pot in every office. They just keep surprising you with what they wear and exclusive ramp walks down the office hallways. Guy or girl, this friend always makes you wonder where the money comes from for all the new dress and stuff the fashion pot wear to the office. When it comes to finding a friendship day gift for this canvas of trends in fashion, there is nothing more easy! Just buy some new fashion accessories or trending clothing for this friend at office.

Samaritan Office WorkerThe Samaritan: There is no rest for this Samaritan at your office. He or she is always busy helping others in the office; yes, you included. And this ‘helping’ is not just limited to the matters of the office, but anything outside the office too. If you managed to make a mess of your project, she is the one you call for a helping hand. Most times, she won’t disappoint you either! So, what gift can you buy for this Samaritan on this friendship day? My advice, buy something ‘practical’ for her. You won’t regret it.

The Old-timerThe Old-timer: He is the Godfather on the office floor, the old-timer! The most experienced and well respected guy in the office. He might be more of a big-brother figure than a friend-figure at the office. But, hey, it’s friendship day and everyone is a friend on the day! So, buy something traditional for this big old-timer as a friendship day gift. These traditional gifts can never go wrong, can they?

Newbie Office WorkerThe Newbie: Is there any new recruit in your office? The first couple of months, she might be out of her comfort zone, searching for new friends and waiting to be inducted to some friend circles and get back into the comfort zone. If there is one such new recruit in your office, buy something nice for this new friend: something that will officially induct her to your exclusive friend circle. Make her feel at home and make this friendship day special for her.

There you have it, ten different types of office friends you have and the type of gifts you can buy for each category. I am pretty sure you have every single kind of these friends at your office. So, the question is, what gift are you going to buy for your coworkers? Make sure it is good and make this friendship day the best ever in your life, so far!

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