6 Frustrating Gift Giving Problems and What You Should do to Solve Them

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Frustrating Gift ProblemsWhat is your normal routine before buying gifts?

You make plans, right?  First, you start learning about giftee.  Then you plan your budget and then only you visit a store to select an appropriate gift for this person.  It all sounds too easy.

What if there is more than one giftee? For instance, imagine a situation where you have to buy gifts for everyone in the family or for a group of your friends. Then would it be easy?

That is when gift giving becomes frustrating.  Here, I talk about six such frustrating problems you are probable to face while buying gifts for a group of people and the solutions to these problems.

It’s easier said than done to allocate the right amount of money…

Allocating Money CorrectlyFrom your experience, what is the biggest problem you face while buying gifts on a holiday season?  Of course, it is finding gifts!  But what is next to the biggest concern?  I’m sure it would be proper budgeting.

No matter how hard you try, you end up allocating the wrong amount of money, or shall I say your budget never matches your actual spend. Maybe you bought something that was never on the list because you couldn’t find what you had planned to buy.  Whatever the reason is, you end up paying lot more than what you had initially allocated.

But the truth is, budgeting for gifts doesn’t have to be tough or a financial stress.  Here is a simple solution. And remember, you have to stick to this plan for it to work.

First, take a piece of paper and list the name of everyone whom you want to buy gifts for. Include everyone from friends to relatives in this list. Now, decide how much you can afford to spend on gifts for each person. And when you go to shop, never exceed the proposed budget for each gift.  That’s all you need to do. However, if you are one of those types who don’t mind spending little extra, then add 10% more to this budget.  This will help you to tackle those additional expenses that you may incur.

It is confusing whether to shop online or offline…

Buy Gifts OnlineFiguring out from where to buy the gift is the next puzzle you need to solve.  The problem here is not the lack of options in front of you, but the abundance of it.

Finding a gift shop is rather easy. Finding an online shop is even easier. But what could puzzle you the most is whether to shop online or offline.

So how do you decide?

Before setting out for actual shopping, understand the different advantages and disadvantages of online and offline shopping.  Talk to people who have bought gifts from online shops before and get to understand more about it. Do your research and after that, weigh your options. Figure out which one is a better choice for you.

In my opinion, online shops are definitely the place to go if you are looking for variety of products. But, if you are on a last minute shopping spree, you need to visit traditional gift shops or shopping malls. As you might already know, online shops take 3 to 5 working days for product delivery.

It is impossible to ensure quality of gifts…

Reject a GiftThis is something you tend to overlook most times. Before you buy the gift, you have to ensure its quality. But how to check the quality?

When you visit an online or offline shop to buy gifts, you, or the shop, don’t have any tools or apparatus to check the quality. Of course, you can touch and feel the items if you are shopping from an offline shop. But, it doesn’t qualify as a scientific method for checking quality. So what do you do?

You read signs. There are government organizations like ISO, ISI, BIS etc, which works to ensure quality and check quality of every product in the market. So if you are looking for quality products for gifting, look for products with ISO or ISI marks. However, you should remember that not every ISI mark is genuine. The genuine ISI mark carries a seven digit CML code at the bottom of the ISI mark and an IS code at the top.

It is hard to save money when you buy gifts…

Affordable GiftsIt is a myth that you can’t save money when you buy gifts.  Actually, you can, if you know where to buy.

Buying gifts from shops that provide huge offers is one way to save money. Most local shops provide this kind of offers during festive seasons. If you want some additional discounts on your bill, buying gifts in large quantity will also help.

Shopping from some lesser-known gift shops is another way to attract some savings to your budget. Since running these small shops do not invite big expense for the owners, the price tags will also be much lighter compared to the big and branded luxurious gift shops.

In the case of online stores, you will most probably find offers and discounts throughout the year.  Some online gift shops even offer discounts and cash back offers if you make the payment using debit card or internet banking facility.  So if you want to save some extra money from your gift budget, visit the online shops and buy things using your debit card.

It is frustrating not being able to handover the gift in time…

Handling Over GiftsToday, we don’t have enough time to handover gifts in person. Imagine the situation when you have several giftees…you won’t be able to handover the gifts on time to each and everyone of them.

As a result, the only solution is using courier or postal services to deliver the gifts on time.  But the problems do not end there, you have to pack the gift safely, visit the office of the courier service, and send it to your friend. So what’s the solution to all this trouble?

The most feasible solution is online shopping. Most online gift shopping websites allow you to send the gift directly to the recipient’s address. These online shops will pack the gift with great care, wrap the gift with colorful paper and deliver it to your friend in time.

It is crushing to see that your gifts failed to impress…

Gift Fails to ImpressSometimes, whatever you do and however you try, your gift might fail to impress the recipient.  Maybe she was expecting something more. Maybe she wanted something more personal. Whatever it is, you can do nothing about the gift this time.

But there is something you can do to make your gift better the next time. Try to understand what went wrong with this gift, so that next time, you can make up for the mistakes with your next gift.

So what is your budget for buying gifts this season? Where would you shop for gifts this time? How would you give gifts to your recipients? Have your say in the comments.

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