How to Give Gifts to a Group of People

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Gifting to Group of PeopleImagine your friend invited you to her house on this Diwali. You agreed with no hesitation whatsoever and you are all enthusiastic about celebrating Diwali with your old time friend.

Then you start to think. ‘She has a family now. She is married and has a child. Her parents also live with her. I can’t walk into her house empty handed. I have to buy something for her and her family.’

But the question is, what gift would you buy? Even bigger question is, how to gift. Should you buy a single gift for the whole family or something for each member? Questions like these start to build up in your mind.

Well, here are three ways you can give gifts to a group of people.

3 Ways to Group Gift

Buy Gifts for Each Individual If You Know them Well

If you know your friend’s family members quite well, buy individual gifts for each of them. If you are close to your friend’s family, you must know their preferences and likes. This will allow you to choose a gift each of them likes. Your individual gifts are sure to please each of your friend’s family members since you took time and effort to pick these gifts.

Take the example of your friend’s family. If her parents are a bit religious, buy religious idols or books for them. For the kid, you can buy some toys or comic books. For her husband, buy a wristwatch or some useful gadget, and for her, buy some beautiful dress, music CDs or some kitchen utensil. Individual gifts like these can always delight anyone.

Buy a Gift for the Entire Family, If You Don’t Know them Well

Different from what we saw in the above example, imagine you don’t really know your friend’s family. Imagine that you are meeting her family for the first time. You don’t know the preference or likes of anyone in the family, but your friend’s. What would you buy for the family members this time?

You might find yourself in this situation quite often. Maybe you are facing one right now. If you are, the way out of this dilemma is rather simple. All you need to do is buy a gift for the entire family. A gift, that will be useful for the entire family.

Board GamesFor example, buy home décor products like art painting. Buy tickets to adventure parks, movies or special events. Pay for a weekend dinner at some nice restaurant. Gifts like these are for the entire family and since you don’t know much about your friend’s family, these gifts are kind of an escape route.

If you can buy something that encourages the family to come together and work together as a team, it will make even a greater gift.

Take the example of board games like Monopoly and indoor games like carrom. These games encourage the family to spend more time together and work as a team.

Buy Something for Entire Family and Each Individual

This is another way to buy gifts for a group of people. You can buy a large gift for the entire family and small individual gifts for each of the members. Here is an example.

Suppose your friend lives with her husband and two kids. You can buy a Tablet PC as a gift for the whole family. But before gifting it, load the Tablet with movies.  Not just random movies, but favorite movies of each family member. Instead of the Tablet, you can also buy a DVD player for the whole family and DVDs of each of their favorite movies as individual gifts. If you are buying gifts just for the kids, a PS3 with individual games for each of them will make a great gift.

Rules to Follow When You Give Gift to Group of People

While these are the possible ways to give gifts to a group of people, there are certain rules you need to follow when handing over these gifts. Although these rules are not written anywhere, these are part of the social gift giving etiquette everyone is obliged to follow.

The first rule is that you should never give gifts to only one person in a group. Just imagine how weird the others in the group would feel. If you want to give this person a gift, give it to her when she is alone. Don’t give the gift to her when she is standing in a group, whether the group is her family or friends.

Gifts for KidsIf you bought a gift for the whole family and not for each individual, you should handover this gift to the head of the family.  In the example of your friend’s family, you should handover the gift to her parents. This is a sign of respect and a social etiquette.

Here is another rule when it comes to giving gifts to a group of people – for everyone in the group, always buy gifts that are of similar value. Especially for kids. If there are two kids in your friend’s family, buy gifts of similar value for both of them. That’s the customary etiquette.

That is it. That is how you give gifts to group of people. You should note that, most of the tips and etiquettes mentioned in this article are also applicable while buying gifts for your colleagues in the office.

So what would you buy for your friend’s family next time? Would you go for individual gifts or a common gift for the whole family? What do you think is a better choice? Share your thoughts and views in the comments.

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