Should You Give Radha Krishna Idols as a Wedding Gift?

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Radha KrishnaA Radha Krishna idol is a hottest traditional gift in today’s Hindu weddings. But should you give Radha Krishna idols for a newlywed couple?

Is it auspicious?

Before we get into the details, let’s see why people prefer Radha Krishna idols as wedding gifts.

Why People Gift this Idol?

There is no other religion, than Hinduism, that glorifies the beauty of love. And the story of Radha and Krishna is perhaps the most beautiful of all. According to the myths and epics, Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. In other words, it is a story of love between God and Goddess in human form.

Maybe that’s the reason why many people buy Radha Krishna idols as gifts for newlywed couples. These idols are divine and there is a lot of romance present around the story of Radha Krishna, which make it a fitting gift for newlywed couples. However, did you know that it is inauspicious to present Radha Krishna idols to a newlywed couple?

Why it is Inauspicious to Gift Radha Krishna Idols?

Radha Krishna IdolBefore I answer this question, let’s take a quick look to the story of Radha Krishna. Although their love is described as the purest of loves by the myths and legends, the story of Radha Krishna is also a story of pain and separation in love.

It is said that, Krishna was the son of a landlord and Radha was one of the ‘gopikas’ in the village. Radha was his favorite ‘gopika’. With time, they fell in love. However, Krishna and Radha never got married because Krishna had to leave Vrindavan at a very young age. For Krishna and Radha, the days of love and happiness were limited and short.

This is the one reason why you shouldn’t gift Radha Krishna idols as a wedding gift. Radha Krishna idols represent a short-lived love. For a newlywed couple, you should be wishing a long lasting relationship and as it turns out, Radha Krishna idols are not the best gift to buy for this occasion.

So the question now is, what’s the alternative? Are there any other idols of deities that represent love, which you can use to wish a long lasting relationship?

Alternative to Radha Krishna Idols

Vishnu Lakhshmi IdolsOne alternative is the idol of Lord Shiv and Devi Parvati together. The divine couple of Shiv Parvati represents eternal love and devotion to each other. You can see this eternal love and devotion in puranas.

In one story, Devi Parvathi was chanting the name of Lord Shiva for years to win over his heart. In another story, Shiva and Parvathi incarnated as ‘Kirata couple’ to test Arjuna. They never parted, although there were difficult times in their marriage.

Another alternative for Radha Krishna wedding gift is the idol of Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi together. Devi Lakshmi was always alongside Lord Vishnu even in His incarnations- as Sita Devi with Lord Shri Ram and as Rukmini with Lord Krishna. A popular idol is one in which Lord Vishnu is seen in Ananthasayana posture with Devi Lakshmi sitting beside him. So similar to the Shiva Parvathi idol, idol of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Devi together is also ideal gift for newlywed couples.

Occasions to Gift Radha Krishnan Idols

Although Radha Krishna idols are not an ideal gift for newlywed couples, these idols make a great gift on many other occasions. If you are attending the housewarming ceremony of your neighbor or birthday party of your friend, these Radha Krishna idols are perfect gifts. These idols are good gifts on occasions like Janmashtami celebrations and other festivals like Holi. The recipient can use these idols for home décor or use it in the pooja room to offer prayers.

So there it is, all about Radha Krishna idols. Hope you now know why its not ideal to give these idols as wedding presents.

Now, it is your turn. Why do you think Radha Krishna idols are so popular? Do you have any suggestions for an alternative for Radha Krishna idols? Have your say in comments.

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12 Responses to “Should You Give Radha Krishna Idols as a Wedding Gift?”

  1. doesn't udhavageetha(hamsa geetha) say that in seeing radha, uddhava could see rishna? they are not seperted at all even when they are miles apart…. isn't this actually the esence of 2 people getting married to ech other? also, krishna and radha are always together( as together as they can be counted as one..) in a different plane called goloka… I don't see their story as a painfulone and short loved one…. if it were me, I would not mind giving (or receiving..) radha krishna idols as wedding gifts.. I read somewhere that by placing photo of radhakrishna on the east side wall of house, togetherness among families increases… just saying my opinion.

    • I 100% agree…. If you are giving gift in spirit of materialistic bed bound love, go ahead gift anything.. If you want to wish for true love, there is nothing other than Raadha Krishna in the entire world. Their love was so pure that can not be described in humane words… I am not sure why someone would call it “short-lived” and “painful”….. I mean forget spiritual or religious world, In material world too I remember my first love after 10 years as if fresh air..

      LOVE is limitless and Painless.. Radha and Krishna had that love.. it is out of reach for us to understand…. but that only means– we are fools who dont get it….

      Bottom line– dont gift it if u dont believe in the LOVE that lasts timeless… Please.

  2. Dear Jyothsna,

    When you think on a spiritual level, it may seem true. But when you think only Radha and Krishna and the material world, the story is not a happy ending one.

    According to many sources Radha married Anaya (who is a relative of Krishna) and Krishna married Rukmini and Satyabhama. So obviously, Krishna didn't marry Radha.

    However, the puranas say their love was alive on a spiritual level.

    But when you think about giving a gift in the materialistic world for a newlywed couple, could you give something that only signifies in spiritual world? On other side, the alternative idols are both saying the same in materialistic and spiritual level.

    I hope that answers your question.

  3. YOUR given opinion might be correct but it is not true because there love is eternal from the past time to till date that is why they r worshiped by all . there were so many gopikas there why don't they worshiped with lord krishna . in above statement u have written that radhaji is incarnation of devi laxmi so why we should think that .

  4. Thanks Ankur,

    Thanks for your opinion. However, we still believe in a materialistic world, this is not an ideal gift.

  5. Gifting radhakrishna idol is divine and ideal saying that they should have eternal love forever. But the person receiving may not think the same. Wishes will always be there whether you give gift or not so better go with Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi which symbolises togetherness and prosperity or Lord Ganesha which symbolises a good start and removes all obstacles.

  6. plzzz tell me the anyone….when we r give the radha krishna to you …its not so gud for marriage….

  7. Hi Amrita,

    Yes, you are right.

  8. In Materialistic world also, no wife or girlfriend accompanies her husband/boyfriend after he is dead…

    In fact, so many judgements and hypocrisy in that type of love.

    Raadha and Krishna are no different from each other.. Their love is unconditional and Unconditional love does not cause any bondage or pain or motif… Gift it.. Go ahead…. Love is the one that lasts more than 30/40/50 years….

    If you like Sexual love or if the receiver of the gift likes Sexual Love, gift them anything but please DONT gift Raadha-Krishna…… There is abundance of gift on Amaxon for newly weds who love sexual wordly judgemental part of this relationship.. Also Parvathi loved Shiva beyond spiritual realm so please dont gift that too..

    I sometimes forget that this is the century where Kardashians can get fame for no reason.. PLEASE DONT GIFT RADHA KRISHNA if you prefer body to body loves. but beware.. it dies so gift Viagra I guess.. thats better.

  9. my girlfriend gifted me a radha krishna idol.should i accept this???or not??
    & i love her unconditionally…
    please answer me..

  10. I have gifted rakha n Krishna to my best friend and we both like each other a lot it’s good or bad I just wanted to know?

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