Have You Ever Thought Why You Bought An Art Painting?

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Why do you buy art? This is not supposed to be a hysterical question; there must be a reason, right? If you ask us, we can give you eight different reasons why we buy art. Most probably, you will also fall into one of these eight categories. For some people, it could also be a combination of more than one reason. So, come and find out what is the real reason behind your ‘love of art’.

Maharashtrian Lady1. You Love Art: Do you buy art just because you love it? This is a very common reason that we hear people say all the time. But, people who buy art paintings because they really love it, are actually rare. However, this is the one category of art lovers who could be called real art collectors. They do not care about the artist behind the art, current trends in the art market or its resale value. They just want to own an artwork that brag quality rather than anything else.

2. You Appreciate the Artist: Similar to the love for art, some people might go an extra mile by admiring the artist. You might have seen people who keep adding artworks by Raja Ravi Varma or Rabindranath Tagore to their collection. Maybe you are also one of them! It is the admiration towards the artist or the emotional connection they are able to establish with their artwork that drive people to collect art of particular artists.

3. You Invest in Art: This is a complete paradox to the love for art. Here, the reason to buy is solely financial. Nothing else can dominate the decision of the buyer here. He or she will be eying on paintings that will yield some kind of a return, financially, in the future. There are exceptions too. Some investors, who are also lover of art, might look for good quality paintings that are probable to sneak a few extra bucks into their pocket.

4. Art Makes You Happy: Art paintings and emotions are like Tom and Jerry; one has no existence without the other. This is what some people find interesting in art paintings. The ability of the art paintings to emotionally connect with you; this is the ultimate trait some people want to see in art paintings. Not every art painting can mean the same to everyone. The emotional effects of different art paintings will be different on different people.

5. Art Motivates You: Many people see art paintings as something from which they can cultivate motivation. They use art paintings in home, office etc to bring in motivation to their life. It could also be seen as a part of interior decoration. Here, the buyers are only interested in getting themselves motivated. Even if the art is from a lesser-known artist or the price is on the higher side, they will probably buy the painting. After all, the motivation you get from these paintings is priceless.

Glow of Hope6. Art Reminds You of Something: Every person in this world has a story to tell. Certain art paintings can remind people about something: something from their own past. This is what prompts some people to buy and invest in art paintings. The painting might remind them of someone special or a special chapter from their life. It could even be about some place you have a real attachment. All that matters for these people is the good memories that the painting bring to their mind.

7. Art Makes You Think: An artwork can stick you to your seat for hours. It can make you think and think harder. Every time you look at an art painting, you might find something new and different. These dynamic abilities of certain art paintings attract many eyes and minds to them. This intriguing feature of art paintings can even attract people who do not really appreciate art to its core.

8. Art Improves Quality of Life: Living in a house with bare walls around you and living in a house with quality paintings around you are two entirely different scenarios. If you choose the former, life can be so dull and dreary. On the other hand, the latter one can change the whole feeling inside the house, turning your life exciting and stirring. This is exactly what interior designers look to bring to a home using art paintings.

It does not always have to be a single reason that pushes someone to buy art paintings. It could be a combination of more than one reason. For example, you might be an art collector who collects art from a particular artist. You might also be looking for a painting that will decorate interiors, invoke emotions and might give you some financial returns. Whatever the reason is, there is one certain thing that determines whether you will buy or not and that is – quality of the painting. Without quality, all the above reasons are just drops in an vast ocean!

So, why do you really buy art?

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