How Caffeination Can Make You a Better Gift Giver

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CaffeinationYes, you read it right.

Knowledge is everywhere. Even in a cup of coffee. 

There is a lot you can learn about gifting from your habit of drinking and making coffee.

From how much sugar you add to how you present the coffee, a lesson about gifting is waiting for you. But these lessons are not literally served in a cup. It needs to be brewed and served.

In this article, we show you what you can learn about gifting from the art of making coffee.

It is all about mixing it right. Whether it’s sugar or personal touch

Coffee with Personal TouchHow do you like your coffee?  Some people like it with 90 percent cream and sugar. Some add a pinch of cinnamon.  For some, coffee must always be straight black.  That is, the perfect taste of coffee is different for different people.

And because of this, you make coffee differently for different people in your life.  You will remember, which brand they prefer, how strong it should be and even how much sugar they like to have in their coffee.

Guess what, this is what you should keep in mind when you buy gifts too.  Confused?  Let me explain.

Before you start shopping for gifts, you should know what the giftee would like in ‘her cup of coffee’.  Decide on what type of gift she likes and how much of ‘personalization’ you want to mix with the gift. Add a couple extra spoons of ‘personal-touch’ for people who are close to you.  That is, you should know the ‘tastes’ of your recipient before purchasing a gift.

Last minute shopping is like brewing an instant coffee – you always spill some beans

Instant CoffeeDo you know the difference between instant coffee and filter coffee?

There is nothing more useful to a home maker than a sachet of instant coffee when welcoming guests. Open, mix it, pour it and just serve it. It’s done! Just like last minute shopping!

Making of instant coffee is the story of last minute gift buyers. You don’t have to make much effort to make a cup of coffee. And its quick too – you don’t have to spend too much time preparing it. But, guess what, you guest will know when they drink it.

Similarly, if you wait till the last minute to buy gifts, you might end up buying something average. And believe me, the recipient will definitely know it is a last minute gift. This is in no way a promising gift giving habit.

On the other hand, try making filter coffee. Brewing filter coffee takes time, thought and effort. The aroma alone of the dark roasted coffee beans used for making filter coffee is enough to delight your guest. And once he tastes the coffee, he will know that you made the coffee with lots of love and care.

In the same way, think about the gift that you want to buy. Keep filtering the list of gifts. Take your time and decide on one. If you do, the gift will certainly delight the recipient. And it will certainly make you a better gift giver.

 ‘Being foreign’ is the new trend in coffee and gifts

Foreign Coffee and Foreign GiftsWhen I was a kid, there were only two known varieties of coffee. The popular ‘Indian filter-coffee’ and the people’s favorite, ‘Bru-coffee’. But today, we have hundreds of different types of coffee – and many of them are ‘foreign’.

Some people love cappuccinos and espressos just because it is Italian or French. And I’m sure there are people who love American made Starbucks coffee too.

Similar to the love of foreign tastes in coffee, people also love foreign gifts. For someone from Mumbai, the handicrafts of Kerala, Kali idols of Kolkata and even the special clothing from Rajasthan are foreign. You can travel to these neighbouring states or just ask a friend there to deliver these unique gifts. That is, if you want to impress your recipient, buy some ‘foreign’ gifts.

The taste of ‘home-made’ lives on

Home Made CoffeeEveryone is probably going to agree with me on this – nothing beats a cup of home-made coffee. Not the famous Café Coffee Day cappuccino or the popular Barista espresso. You can buy a coffee for your friend from luxurious or wayside coffee shops. But it won’t have the love and warmth of a homemade coffee.

Apply this to gifts and we can say – homemade gifts make the best gifts. You can buy the most expensive gift you can afford. But, after a couple of years, these gifts will be forgotten. But the simple home-made gifts you gave will be still in her memories as a favourite gift. A simple homemade greeting card or a home-made photo album can make them deliriously happy. And you know what, some people just love these home-made gifts more than other kind.

People Always Love the Enchanting Art of presentation 

The Art of PresentationHave you seen people do some magic with the latte on top of the coffee to create beautiful art? I just love the idea of presenting coffee this way. It brings something extra with the sweetness and refreshment of the coffee: an invitation to smile.

This is certainly something that you can and should add to gifting. Wrap the gift with some beautiful paper and tie it with a silky ribbon. Wrap it in a way that the recipient will be forced to smile even before opening the package. Similar to how the ‘latte art’ on coffee makes you smile even before having a sip. Sometimes, it is not what inside the gift box that matters. It is how you present it and give it to the recipient.

So for all you coffee lovers, there you have it, another reason to love your cup of coffee. And for all the gift givers, you have another place to learn more about the art of gifting.

Now it’s your turn.  Do you find this article helpful? Is there anything else you can learn about gifting from brewing coffee? What do you have to say? Let us all know via comments.

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