How Housewives can Affordably Decorate their Homes with Art Prints

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Do the walls of your house look bare and bland? If ‘yes’ is your answer, it might be time to try something new, something more vibrant and cost effective. Yes, we are talking about art prints.

Being a housewife has certain limitations. You may not be having enough budget to go for high-end home makeovers. Therefore, your only option will be to use affordable home décor products that are long lasting and easy to buy. That does not mean, you can just buy any random art print and make your home look professional. You have to think about wall colours and the furniture before hanging a piece of art. May be, it is the colour of paint, which makes your home bland. Perhaps, the furniture is causing this. So, you have to think all these factors before purchasing an art print. Let us see what paint color and what type of art go well with different rooms. First, let us start with the living room.

Living Room 

Living RoomLiving rooms have come a long way from being just a formal place to welcome guests. Today, it is a room where life really hits the sweet note. A room where you and your family come together for a chat and, sometimes, this is the room where you sit down to relax or to watch TV. So, when it comes to the color of paint, use some spontaneous color for the living room: a color that can light up the conversations. For example, orange is a color known to have some dynamic effects on your conversation. Other warm colors like red, yellow and even beige can work well with the living room setting. But, remember. Too much of color can turn irksome.

When it comes to selecting an art print for your living room, you should not miss one important point. The art should not be too loud or too soft, since living room is a place to relax and a place to make guests feel welcome. If the living room in your mind is an all-traditional and classic one, imagine a classic Ravi Varma painting, the famous Hamsa Damayanti or The Maharashtrian Lady, hanging on the walls of your living room. If you are eying for a modern and zingy living room, choose abstract art paintings like ‘The Wallflower’ by Ruth Palmer. 

Dining Room 

Dining RoomAfter the all-important living room, let us turn our attention to the dining room. You should not underestimate the importance of this room, as many people tend to today. This is the room where you eat, drink and connect with the family. So, the colour you choose for this room has great importance. The colour you choose should appear ‘tasty’ and lively. Red is a color that is known to improve your appetite and, being a warm color, it can also encourage conversations. The color red might even prompt the guests to think you are a better cook!

The next task is to select the art painting. Obviously, dining room is about food and therefore, art paintings with food and fruits as subjects can make a good addition. Some of the still life paintings by world famous artists can make a good choice for you in this respect. You can use prints of paintings like ‘Still Life with Fruit Basket by Paul Cezanne or ‘Still Life with Carafe and Lemons’ by Van Gogh for this room.


KitchenKitchen is, maybe, the happiest place in a house, especially for a homemaker. If dining room is where the food is served, this is where the food is made. Some of the fondest childhood memories of most people are related to the kitchen in one way or the other. So, according to experts in home décor, if you can paint the kitchen similar to the one in your memories, it could do wonders on your daily activities. If color is a main concern for you, white can be a great choice to make a pure and perfect kitchen. Light shades of green, red etc can also bring something special to the kitchen floor.

As far as the art paintings are concerned, choose an art that always reminds you about healthy food. Art paintings that bring a lot of energy to the air are also a good choice for kitchen walls. For example, a painting of large water bodies, waterfall etc. can bring some much-needed energy to the kitchen. After all, this is the ‘pep and steam’ you want to pass on to the other family members. ‘Waterfall in the Bern Highlands’ by Joseph Anton Koch is a good example.


Blue BedroomIt doesn’t matter how much you talk about the importance of finding the right color for your bedroom, it is never enough! Like food, water and air, rest and relaxation is something very important in your life. Bedroom is a place where you should be able to find this. But, interestingly, some colors can affect your mood while you are in the bedroom. Use of warm colors like red or orange for your bedroom won’t help you much to have a calm and relaxed night sleep. In fact, you might feel just the opposite! It is the color blue and its shades that can bring a great deal of calmness to your bedroom. Colors like green and lavender can also have the same effect.

When buying art prints for your bedroom, make sure you are not making any mistake by choosing any dark or horrifying artworks. With the use of art paintings, you can make your bedroom turn either romantic and soft or all chic. But, yes, the art painting should be something relaxing. You might want to keep it simple, yet stylish. Choose art paintings that use light colors of flowers, nature and animals like horses are good for any bedroom environment. Paintings by the popular Indian watercolor artist Sanjay Kamble is something you can use in your bedrooms. Most of his paintings are subtle, stylish and exquisite.

Art prints and colour of paint might seem to have little effect on the feel of the room. But, the fact is, the effects are considerable. You will only realize the true effects once you change your home in the way we discussed. It might take time but, do not underestimate the value of the return you might get from this investment. The best part of using these art prints are, other than your time, there is hardly any investment you need to make!

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