How to Securely Mail Your Gift Like Online Shops Do

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You bought a gift, you mailed it to your loved one and you waited for two long weeks for the package to get delivered. But, the gift never got delivered.

The gift could be lost or stolen. It could be damaged because of the way it was handled. And all this happened because you didn’t mail the gift securely.

So how to send the gifts securely like the online shops do? Here is how to do it.


Packing Gifts

Packing the gift is always an important part of the whole process. While it has to look extremely fine on the outside, the packing inside the box has to be solid enough to keep the gift safe.

Now, there is one thing you can always count on to make sure that the gift inside the box is safe. We are talking about the good old bubble wraps. It doesn’t matter how fragile the gift is, the bubble wrap will keep it together in one piece. So, there goes your first headache, burst with bubble wrap.

When you send the gift through some courier service, it is sure to take some smashing and whacking. Now you need something more than just bubble wrap to protect the gift. You need corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are fiberboard boxes with something extra. The extra are the design parameters that go into the engineering of these boxes. Specially made to provide crush resistance, some of these corrugated boxes can even withstand high humidity and extra pressure. So, pack your gift in corrugated boxes before couriering it to somewhere else. Just to be a touch extra safe.

Once you are all done with the packing the gift, you will probably go on to wrap the gift with gift paper. However, since you are sending it to some distant location, do not stop with just the gift-wrap paper. An additional cover for the gift will make sure that the wrap paper is perfectly ok.

In addition to all this, do not forget to write down the right address on the cover; not just the ‘To’ address, but also the ‘From’ address as well.


Gift Delivery

The second part is about actually sending the gift through courier. You will handover the packed gift to the courier guy, but, in no way, your job is complete!

Once you handover the package to the courier guy, he will give you a waybill number. By the way, this is more than just a normal number. This number helps you to keep track of your gift. You can login to website of the courier service provider and track the delivery status of the gift. You can use this service whenever you want. Make sure you use it to full advantage.

Some courier services also provide an option for delivery notification, either via email or via text messages on your phone. Just in case you are worried about the safety of your gift, take an insurance cover for the parcel.

If Gifts are Stolen

The courier service company gives their best to deliver the package to the destination in time. They will handle the gift carefully, and even if they are a bit rash with the handling part, you have little reason to worry with the kind of packing you gave for the gift.

However, this does not mean that your gift is immune to thieves. That’s why insuring the courier package is never a bad idea. If the gift is not delivered to your loved one in the specified time, most probably, it might be stolen or lost. In that case, contact the courier service with the waybill and get to know the last known location of the package. File an FIR at the nearest police station and raise your claim for the insurance.

Sometimes, the steps we described here could be a real pain in the neck. However, there is one easy, yet efficient, solution to all this trouble: buying gifts online. If you decide to buy the gift online, you do not have to worry a bit about the packing, or couriering. Everything will be taken care of by the online shop. You just have to lean back and keep track of the gift, until it gets delivered to your loved one.

So what do you think? Is online shopping a better option? Is taking all the pain to buy, pack and courier the gift really worth it? What would you choose?

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