How to Create a Free Personalized Birthday Gift with Facebook

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Facebook is the second home for everyone connected on the web. You use it to connect with friends, to share photos and to play games. But, did you know that you could do more than ‘just hangout’ on Facebook?

Yes, you can even create a personalized gift for your friend’s birthday using some features of Facebook, that too free of cost! It is super easy and won’t take much of your time!

In this article, we tell you how you can wish your friend a ‘happy birthday!’ in a new and special way by surprising him or her with a personalized and private Facebook photo album. In a nutshell, you create a private Facebook album, upload a bunch of funny pictures and send the link to your lucky friend on her birthday. So, shall we start creating funny photos?

Create Funny Images

Create Funny Images

Create Funny Images

The first step of creating this personalized Facebook surprise gift has little to do with Facebook. Here, you need to edit and get the photos ready for posting it on Facebook. For that, you need photos of your friend. If you have it already, it is time to visit!

This website allows you to add comic bubbles and turn your photos into single image cartoons, easy and quick. Once you are there, upload the photos you want to edit and add the talk bubbles. Inside the talk balloon, write something funny and interesting. There are different styles of balloons, which stands for thought, normal talking, shouting etc. After adding talk balloons, you can also add the optional sound FX like ‘Super!’, ‘Lame!’, ‘Ka-blam!’ etc, just to add some ‘masala’.

If you want to add some more effects and filters to your photo, try online image editors like or After you are done with the editing, save the photos to your computer. Now, comes the time to start working with Facebook albums.

Share using Facebook Photo Albums

When you upload photos to Facebook, it normally appears on your Timeline and everyone in your friend’s list will be able to view that. Given that we want to surprise our lucky friend, we should avoid this. Therefore, first we have to create a private album. Here is how.

On your Facebook profile page, choose the ‘Photos’ tab, where you will see all the photos you have uploaded and the ones you are ‘tagged’ in, till date. Here, you can choose to create a new album for sharing the newly created photos or choose to upload the photos to one of the already existing albums. We suggest you to create a new Facebook album so that it is easier for you to manage multiple photos.

Add Photos to Facebook

Add Photos to Facebook

Give the album a name and click on ‘Add Photos’ to start uploading photos. After the photos are uploaded to the newly created album, change the album privacy settings. At the bottom-right corner of the ‘upload page’, you will find a drop-down menu with list items as ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Only Me’, ‘Custom’ etc. From the list, choose ‘custom’.

Album Privacy

Album Privacy Settings

Now, a ‘Custom Privacy’ dialogue box will appear on the screen, with yet another dropdown menu. Choose ‘Specific People or Lists’ from the set of options. Couple of text boxes will appear below the dropdown menu and in the first textbox, type in the name of your friend or friends with whom you want to share the photo.

Custom Share

Share photo with friends

Click on ‘Save Changes’, followed by ‘Post Photos’. That’s it, you are done!

On the day of his or her birthday, send the link to this photo album to your friend. Surprise them with this new and cool way of wishing birthdays. Please note that, there is no option to schedule album uploads or sending messages. So, we suggest you send this link to your friend at least a day before his or her birthday through Facebook chat or by an email.

Incidentally, if there is only one image, you do not have to create separate album. You can upload them to ‘Profile Pictures’ or ‘Timeline Photos’ and restrict each photo’s audience.

By the way, you do not have to create different albums for other friends; you can reuse the same album, by just redefining the custom audience. So, every time one of your friend is celebrating his or her birthday, you can just hang around on Facebook and keep surprising them by doing, literally, nothing! Isn’t that amazing?

If you have any of your friend’s birthdays coming up, try this ridiculously cool idea to surprise your friend. Experiment with the captions and photographs to make the birthday wish more interesting.

So what is the most surprising and most personalized gift you have given someone? What is your favorite personalized gift that you received till now? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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