How to Write Friendship Day Greeting Card for a Career Oriented Friend

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“Dear Jack,

Happy Friendship Day! Good luck with your career!”

What do you think about this friendship day greeting for a career-oriented person?

Well, if you ask me, this is exactly how you should not be writing! I mean, it is like saying ‘Hi Jack’ and ‘Bye Jack’ in one breath! Or, let’s say, it is like writing a resume with just the contact information at the top, reference at the bottom and nothing else to fill the body!

Regrettably, this is what majority of us do when we approach friendship day. A quick escape by writing just two lines! Do you think this type of greeting can produce any impact on your friend? I’m afraid not.

What you have to do is to write something interesting. Something that motivates your friend to pursue their goals. Once you are done reading this article, you will know how to write a better friendship day greeting for a career-oriented person.

Let us start with the opening message.

Opening a Greeting

So, I guess you are waiting to scribble down the first couple of words on the greeting card! As always, you start with the traditional ‘Hi’, ‘Hey’ or ‘Dear’. If this career-oriented friend is one of your close relatives, you can start the message with ‘Dear’ or even ‘My Dear’, followed by name. However, if this career conscious person is your close friend, ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’, followed by name is the perfect way to start the greeting. Now, if you want to keep the greeting a bit more informal or funny, instead of using names, use nicknames or words like ‘buddy’, ‘mate’ or ‘amigo’. See, already you can feel the difference!


If you noticed, we didn’t have a ‘body’ for the greeting message you saw at the beginning of this article. That was a really a handicapped greeting, wasn’t it! You need a ‘body’ for every greeting you write. The ‘body’ is the ‘soul’ of the entire greeting message. Yes, it is a paradox! So, how can you make the most of the white space available on the greeting card? Let’s see what you can write on the greeting card to make it special.

Compare with Famous People

We are talking about writing a friendship day greeting for a career conscious person. Right? So, scribble down some message with career as the cornerstone. Compare your friend with some famous personalities in his line of work. For instance, if your friend is a young science freak, compare him with someone like Einstein or Edison. Here is an example for you.
Compare with Famous Personalities

“Edison was addled, Einstein left school with no diploma and Darwin did so badly at school. You are not addled and you did great at school too! On this friendship day, I wish you to be the next Edison, Einstein and Darwin of the science world!”

Past Memories

It doesn’t matter who you are writing to, past memories always makes the blank greeting cards fill with nostalgia. Write down things you two did together in the past years. Write down things you planned to do, but couldn’t do. Or, write down things you two used to talk. Whatever you write, it should not be just a bunch of lexical words, but make it sound like a bunch of emotional expressions.

Write from Past Memory

“Remember when you told me how amazed you are by science and scientific revelations? Well now, it is your turn to amaze the world with revelations of your own! On this friendship day, I wish you all the best to make it big!”

A Story

Here is another interesting way to write a greeting for your career conscious friend. Connect your message to some popular childhood stories or movies and write it down on the greeting card. There must be a whole lot of stories to which you can relate your friend. Stories about determination, inspiration or even funny stories. For example, the story of the race between rabbit and tortoise.

Rabbit and Tortoise Story

Remember the story of rabbit and tortoise from our childhood? You are the rabbit and time is the tortoise. Never lay down, never stay back, never leave your other foot back!

Proverbs or Quotes

Sometimes, you might run out of stories, memories or comparisons. If that happens, what are you going to do? Leave the message handicapped? No! Write some proverbs or quotes of famous people that will motivate your friend to work towards the career goal. Here is a quote from A.P.J. Abdul Kalam about career.

Use Quotes for Greeting

“Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.” On this friendship day, I wish you to have all the strength in the world to reach the top!

Funny Ways

Who doesn’t like to open the greeting card and have a laugh at what’s written inside! So, writing something funny is always an option for you. It doesn’t have to be personal, always, it could be something else from the other world. I mean, you won’t ‘struggle’ to find some jokes about career or new jobs! You can even come up with some funny messages regarding his or her profession. Here is something funny you can write on the greeting card for someone who got a new job and is looking to make it big.

“On this friendship day, I get to be the first one who congratulates you on your new job. I hope your new job lasts longer than Tom Cruise’s marriage!”

Ending the Greeting

So, we have come to the last part of writing friendship day greeting cards for your career conscious friend. This is the last part of the message he or she will be reading. So, whatever you write here has to be consistent with the whole purpose of the card. A simple ‘Happy Friendship Day’ or ‘Wish you a Happy Friendship Day’ would do it for you. If you want to take it a little bit further, you can add something like ‘you are a friend for lifetime’ or ‘Thank you for being my friend’.

So, I’m done with the greeting card and here is how it reads.

Hey buddy, 

“Remember when you told me how amazed you are by science and scientific revelations? Well now, it is your turn to amaze the world with revelations of your own! On this friendship day, I hope you make it big!” 

Happy Friendship Day!

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