If you have 5Cr Rupees, You can Buy these Indian Master Pieces

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Imagine you won the Rs5 crore prize money from KBC! Just imagine.

What would you do with all this money? Would you spend it overnight or would you wisely choose to invest the money in something lucrative?

If you choose to invest the money, the big question is, where would you invest it?

Many options might come before you, but there will be one thing you may not even consider: art paintings. You could buy the following paintings with your price money.  

Tyeb Mehta Painting - Kali

‘Kali’ by Tyeb Mehta

Celebration by Tyeb Mehta

‘Celebration’ by Tyeb Mehta

If there is one bankable Indian artist in modern times, it has to be Tyeb Mehta. Every painting by Tyeb Mehta is today sold at real high prices. He was also the first Indian painter to break $1 million mark. Paintings from Tyeb Mehta like ‘Kali’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Gesture’ etc can definitely prove to be great investments for future.

His painting, ‘Kali’, was sold for Rs1crore in 2005. The same painting was sold for Rs5.7crores in 2001 through an online auction! There is another painting called ‘Celebration’ that fetched around Rs1.5core at an auction. A third painting, ‘Gesture’, costs around Rs3.1crore today.

Casuarina Line, painting by Jehangir Sabavala

‘Casuarina Line’ by Jehangir Sabavala

'Vespers I' by Jehangir Sabavala

‘Vespers I’ by Jehangir Sabavala

Casuarina Line, a painting by Jehangir Sabavala, is another one you can buy as an investment for future. At an auction, the pre-sale price of this painting was set at Rs50lakh. But, as it turned out, the painting fetched more than thrice the pre-sale value! It was sold for Rs1.7crore.

Another painting, ‘Vespers I’, from the same artist, was sold for almost Rs2.1crore in an auction recently.

'Sparkling Horses' by MF Hussain

‘Sparkling Horses’ by MF Hussain

Blue Lady by MF Hussain

‘Blue Lady’ by MF Hussain

M.F.Hussain is perhaps the most popular of all Indian artists. He has created some of the most expensive paintings of Indian art history. After one year of his death, The Economic Times published an article titled “Just over a year since MF Husain passed away, his paintings’ prices rise 50 per cent”. This tells you how beneficial it can be if you invest your big money in these art paintings.

Most of his popular paintings hold price tags of an average of Rs1crore to Rs2crore. His paintings like ‘Sparkling Horses’ have always fetched crores of rupees whenever put on sale. His other works like ‘Battle of Ganga and Jamuna’, ‘The Blue Lady’ etc are also a buyer’s favorite today.

'Bharatiya Samaroh’ by S H Raza

‘Bharatiya Samaroh’ by S H Raza

If you take a list of the top 20 most expensive paintings by Indian artists, around 6 of them will be works by S.H.Raza! Bharatiya Samaroh and Saurashtra are a couple of his most famous works. ‘Bharatiya Samaroh’ by S.H.Raza is a painting you can buy with the 5crore you have. The last time it was on sale, it fetched around Rs4.8crore!

Saurashtra Raza

‘Saurashtra’ by Raza

So, what does it tell you? It’s never a bad time to invest in art paintings! The Rs.2000crore Indian art painting market is always growing. With your 5crore, you could make one solid investment. The paintings of popular artists like these are always set to appreciate with time. On which artist would you bet your money on? Are there any other artworks that you know of, at the same price range?

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