Impress Your Friends: Four Cool Tips for an Awesome Gift

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How bad do you want to impress your friend with a gift?

You just might be so desperate, grasping at straws, to make an impression! But, being desperate won’t do any good for you. What you need is to do it the wise way — a practical approach to buying gifts.

Here, we present you four simple tips that might help you to choose an awesome gift for your friend.

Measure Usability Measure Usability – Usability should be the first thing you look for in a gift. If the gift you are about to buy is hardly of any use to the recipient, why would you even call it a gift! It is as simple as that!

Now, what is a useful gift then? Anything that won’t end up in a corner of your friend’s room, something your friend might find precious, and anything that might add value to your friend’s life; that gift is what we call, a useful gift. For example, a sketch book for someone who likes to draw, a headphone for someone who likes  music. See, it is not as hard as you think!

Determine Durability – Suppose you bought a gift hamper full of chocolates and other edibles for your Determine Durability friend. How long is it going to stay with your friend? Yes, until he or she chews it down their throat.

This is probably why edibles make terrible gifts. The gift you buy is not for a day or two. It should remain with your friend for as long as possible, reminding them about you. Clearly, edibles won’t do the job. You might think about gadgets too. But, think again, are they really durable? If you need some suggestion, try art prints or anything related to home décor.

Assess Interests Assess Interests – We already talked about usability and durability of a gift. But, don’t you think there is something else that might affect both these factors? Yes, there is and it is the personal interests of your friend. He or she might be interested in sports, arts, movies or something else. Most times, it is not that hard to find these personal interests. However, sometimes, you may have to dig a bit deeper and harder to find their interests. If you care to spend some time, it is definitely going to show results on the gift you buy.

Get Personalized – Buying a personalized gift is somewhat different from ‘assessing interests’. There, it is all Get Personalized about personal interests and here, it is about getting personal. If you make the gift a bit more personal, your friend is going to treasure it like nothing else.

You can choose to print a photo of your friend on a coffee cup or a travel mug and present it to them. Another great idea would be a personalized table clock with your friend’s photo printed on it. T-shirts, phone covers, pen drives, collage, etc, all with his or her photo printed on them, can make good personalized gifts.

Surprisingly, these personalized gifts can be light on your pocket too! The best thing is that these gifts comply with almost everything we talked earlier. They are durable, useful and above all, personal.

See, it is not hard at all! Even a seventh grader can pick the perfect gift if you follow these tips, that too, without throwing a lot of money around. Who knows! These tips might turn your luck around when it comes to finding gifts. So, start impressing your friends with some awesome gifts.

Now it is your turn. Do you find the tips in this article useful? What are the things you look in a gift before buying one for your friend? Share your ideas in comments.

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