How to Improve Likeability of Your Art Print Gift

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likeability-handHave you ever received a gift that you didn’t like?  What were the reasons for your dislike? Were you thinking about a more expensive gift? Or is it because you didn’t like the way it was presented to you?

As you can see… not all gifts are winners.  For a gift to win, it somehow has to touch the heart of the recipient.  If not, it would be just another useless gift.  So how do you make your gift a winner?

There are two steps in producing a winning gift.  The first, do your homework about recipient, so that the gift you buy matches with the tastes and interests of your giftee.  The second step is improving likeability.  When you improve likeability, your gift becomes more valuable to your recipient and the chances of rejection decreases.

In this post, we discuss what likeability is and how you can improve likeability of an art print.

So What is Likeability?

Likeability is simply the extent to which a giftee likes your gift.  There can be many reasons for the recipient to like your gift, and the most important of all is how she sees your gift.

It could be because she found your gift to be unique or personal. It could be due to its royal looks or the value your gift provides to her house.  It could be for the reason that the gift you presented improves the status of her life. Or it could be the way you presented your gift.

For instance, consider a simple coffee mug. If you wrap this coffee mug and give it to someone, it would be a normal gift with nothing extraordinary to claim. Now, take the same mug and print the recipient’s name or photo before gifting it.  Has it become a personal and unique gift that the recipient can’t turn down?  Of course, it has. That is how you improve likeability. 

Improve Likeability of Your Art Print Gift 

As we just learned, personalization can improve the likeability of any gift. But can you always use personalization?  For example, think about an art print. Can you personalize it?  I’m afraid you can’t.  Then how can you make art prints more likeable?  Here is how. 

Lise Sewing

Lise Sewing by Renoir

Select something famous and unique.  First thing you need to do to improve the art print’s likeability is to select something famous and unique.  But, think beyond the ‘Mona Lisa’. She is famous of course, but not unique. Instead, try to get art that are famous and rare.  Buy an art copy that your recipient will be surprised to receive.  For example, buy print of paintings like ‘Lise Sewing’ by Renoir or ‘Emma at the Piano’ by George Bellows. These are famous, unique and extremely charming.

Recognize the preference of giftee. Before buying art prints, understand what your giftee prefers.  Maybe she likes portrait paintings. Maybe she likes landscape or seascape paintings better because these paintings are more popular for home décor use. If that’s the case, buy some popular and unique landscape paintings. No matter how famous or unique the art print is, if the recipient doesn’t like the gift, it’s a failure.  So understanding the recipient’s preference is the key to making your gifts ‘likeable’.

Buy relevant art prints.  Same is the case with the relevance of gifting. You can gift any art print on any occasion, but if you want to make it more likeable, shop according to the occasion.  For example, suppose you are going to visit one of your friends who is an expecting mother.  You can buy any art print for this expecting mother. But more than the landscape or seascape paintings, a simple mother and child painting makes more sense on this occasion.

Let’s take another example.  This time you are attending your friend’s wedding. An art print of some happy couple dancing and celebrating, like the famous ‘The Singing Butler’ by Jack Vettriano, would make a great gift for this occasion. So the secret is, always buy gifts subject to the occasion.

Gift a large art print.  Another thing to remember is, the size can influence the likeness of an art print. Therefore,  buy a large art print for your giftee that you can afford to gift. This art painting, when hung on the wall, has to look regal and imperial. When you add a beautiful frame to this large art print, it will look even more majestic on the walls. And this is another way to make the art print gift even more ‘likeable’.

Frame the art.  Which one would a more likeable?  Bare copy or framed art print?

Imagine you got a chance to buy a car for free.  You have two options. One, the basic version and the other with additional accessories like alloy wheels and wide tires. Which one would you buy? You would definitely go for the accessorized one, right?

It is the same for art prints. Frame is an inevitable accessory for art prints that beautify the whole art. So frame the art print before you give it to the recipient.  Add a sleek and stylish wooden or metallic frame to the art print with some beautiful matting to go with it. Make it impossible for the giftee not to like your art print gift.

Make the presentation likeable.  Above all, present your gift well.  No matter how big or small the gift is, wrap it with colorful paper and ribbons. Hand the gift over to the recipient with a smile on your face. And remember, how you present a gift can make even an average gift in to an awesome gift.

So there you are.  This is how you improve the likeability of an art print gift.  Have you ever bought an art print as a gift for someone?  How did it go? Do you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in comments.

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  1. Your ideas are right on in terms of size having an impact as well as uniqueness. A perfect way to guarantee the likability of your purchase is to let the recipient choose their own image. Look for print sites that offer gift coupons and let them choose their favorite image.

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