5 iPhone/iPad Apps to Turn Your Photos into Awesome Art

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iOS Apps to Turn Photos to ArtWhat do you think of the idea of converting your photos in to art?

Then, you could use these new art pieces on Facebook or any other social network as your profile picture.  Better, you could even take prints of these artworks for your home decor.

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, there are some unique apps for your iPhone, which helps you turn your photos into incredibly realistic pieces of art.

Here, we present you five such iPhone/iPad apps, which are not only light on your pocket, but also easy to use.


AutoPainter fo iOSHow would you appear in a Van Gogh or Cezanne painting? If you really want to know, we suggest you try AutoPainter. This iPhone app lets you create images that look like art paintings, from your own photos.

The best thing about this app is that, some of the real world artists like Van Gogh and Cezanne inspire the painting techniques used. It takes around two minutes to complete one single painting and you will be able to watch every step in the development process, live on the screen.

In the current version of AutoPainter, you can choose between four master artists in Aquarell, Benson, Cezanne and Van Gogh. The final image will be a perfect art painting and it does not leave out the imperfections of an art painting including the running inks, scratches etc.

For new users, a guide comes along with the app, which tells you ‘which effect will look good for which photo’. For example, the Cezanne effect might be good for a personal portrait than the Van Gogh effect.

Mobile Monet

MobileMonet for iOSThere is a bunch of these sketch-making apps available in the app store. But, Mobile Monet is a bit different from others. This app is easy to use and the finished image will not disappoint you.

First, let us see how it is done. As in any case, you need to import a photo to the app screen. You have the option to import photos from your phone or from the Facebook albums. The next step is done by the app, where it converts the photograph into a grayscale image. Once the conversion is complete, you can bring your own tweaks and twists by changing the outline thickness and choosing the color intensity.

Now comes the interesting part. You can choose to bring back some of the original colors of your photo back to the picture. Sometimes, all you want to ‘paint’ is the background of the picture. Next step is to paint the whole background. The app allows you to choose the color and paint by yourself.

Once you are done with this, the painting is somewhat complete. However, this app is more of a flashy pop art painting creator rather than a classic Van Gogh painting creator. You can now send the completed piece of art to your friends or save it to one of your Facebook albums.

Artist’s Touch

ArtistsTouch for iOSThis iPad/iPhone app is not just an ‘art painting creator’. It also works as a drawing utility for those who have a bit of taste in arts.

To start with, you can choose a photo already in your iPhone or take a shot with your iPhone camera. After your photo is imported to the app screen, you can start editing it by using one of the different tools available.

Some of the tools available are oil, watercolor, airbrush, charcoal, pastel, ink, pencil, chalk, scratchboard etc. Using the ‘oil’ tool, turn your photo into an oil painting and using the ‘watercolor’ tool, turn it into a watercolor painting.

While using those tools to edit or create a new painting, you have the option to set the brush size and its opacity. For better results, we suggest you start with a bigger brush size and reduce the size gradually.

One thing you are not going to like about this app is that you cannot ‘undo’ anything; you have to manually erase any bad strokes on the canvas.


Halftone for iOSDo you want to give your photo a ‘comic book’ appearance? If yes, all you need is this iPhone app.

Using Halftone, you can bring that comic strip like appearance to your photos and more interestingly, you can add captions too! The app uses a special technique where a series of dots of different color and size are laid over the photo to create the illusion of special effects. The app allows you to adjust the size and strength of these dots. To add to this, there are more than twenty paper styles, more than twenty stickers, 9 layouts, around hundred fonts and different speech balloons.

Like most other apps, you can either use a photo from your iPhone or take a snapshot with the camera.

When you start processing your image, you should start by adding the paper textures. After that, add the layouts and here, you can also add some interesting captions to the picture!

You have so many options in this app to try different things and it will not be a complete waste of money! But yes, there are some hiccups here and there in the app and sometimes the controls might even frustrate you.

Power Sketch

PowerSketch for iOSThere are a lot of photo editing and filtering apps for iPhone, which makes it difficult for you to choose the good ones. Fortunately, Power Sketch is an app that appears in the list of good ones. This app helps you convert photos to sketches.

This app allows you to add filters to your photos and videos, live, while capturing it. After you initialize this app, the filters available will show up on the camera interface and you just have to choose the filter you want to apply. You will also get a live preview to what your photo will look like. And yes, it is not just for still images, but for videos too!

Once you are done taking pictures or video, you can upload it to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or even YouTube! There are more than 10 image filters available in the app, to give that distinct appearance for your photos and videos.

This app is a perfectly crafted one with its perfect layout of controls and eye-catching design. You will get the full value of money you spend.

That’s it, the five apps to turn your photos into art.  Have you used any of these?  Which one of these did you find the easiest? Is there any easier app?  Share your comments with us.

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